Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 Review – How Much Are You Willing to Spend on a High-end Straight Razor?

Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8

In today’s review, we take a look at the Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 straight razor.

How much are you willing to spend on a high-end straight razor?

If you are willing to spend huge, then this model is the one to buy. Its high price could be attributed to the admirable features that this razor possesses. Being a product of collaboration with the famous artisan Max Sprecher, its quality has to be worth your money.

Inspired by their slogan “Designed for Life” Ezra Arthur (former Bison) is known for its outstanding quality products. They have earned their way to the top of my list due to the high durability and quality level of the products they manufacture.

With an Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8, your investment in quality and durability is at its maximum, and it leaves you with nothing else other than fulfillment after using it. Your shaving experience is about to be made better with this outstanding performing straight razor.

This large 8/8” quarter-hallow grounded square point blade is constructed using carbon steel with a strength that enables the razor to have a long life. From its durability, Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 could last throughout your lifetime which explains why it comes with a relatively higher price. Its wedge is designed with banded faux-ivory, it is assembled with brass pins, and its handle contains scales constructed from uniquely high-density carbon fiber.

Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 is quite different from other razors regarding weight; it is heavier than most others weighing up to 2.5 ounces which could be due to its length. However, you hardly feel the weight once you begin your shaving process.

The balance of this razor is made perfect which gives you the best feeling when on your skin during shaving. It might not be the best choice for anyone that is new in using open razors.

We Like
  • Durable
  • Good balance
Keep This in Mind
  • Could be difficult to control
  • Expensive
  • Often difficult to find online
Despite its good qualities, Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 comes with a price tag that is pretty high. It is thus perfect for shavers who are willing to invest heavily in making their shaving process better since this razor performs well and lasts longer.

Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 is not recommendable for shavers new in using this type of razor because it does require experience for careful handling. If you feel that your level of experience is good enough, then Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Custom 8/8 best suits you.

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