Mühle R89

What Kind of Safety Razor Should I Get and What is the Best Single Blade Safety Razors for Classic Wet Shaving?

Welcome to a better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to shave! A classic safety razor is characterized by high quality and affordable blades. Shaving simply becomes more fun with a proper tool!

The Safety Razor Background

The traditional safety razor was invented by Mr. King Camp Gillette in 1901. Since then a lot has happened in the market, but has is it really been an improvement or just a way to make shaving more complex and expensive for you on? We believe that one blade is enough, which has been proven in several tests! Save money, make less trash and give your day a better start!


With a safety razor, you can choose between many different types of blades. Common to all is that the prices are much lower than cartridges blades. A 5 pack of high-quality blades usually cost less than $5. Lots of people go through a 4 pack of Gillette’s a month. The savings will quickly add up over a year when a 4 pack of Gillette Fusion blades costs nearly $20! Let’s just keep it simple and say that is $ 200 a year vs $50 a year in high-quality safety blades. Gillette comes out at least once a year with new designs that can not be used with older blades or handles. And now you know that a high-quality handle and comb will probably last you a lifetime…!

More Fun

It is more certainly more pleasurable to shave with proper equipment. Combine a high-quality safety razor with a good shaving cream or soap and make a daily dull routine into a great way to start your day!

Quality and Environment

Once you have bought the quality product, it will last more or less forever. Nor will there be new models with a slightly different “improvement” that require you to throw away the old one. Get a simple hand-made quality product and be proud as well as happy. Proud that you are having the minimum impact on the environment and happy that you are getting a smoother shave.

Our Top Pick and Best in Test – Muhle R89

Muhle R89, the German-made traditional razor, was tested against disposable razors and Gillette Fusion Pro Glide on Norwegian TV2 Hjelper Deg (Consumer help and unbiased reviews tv program). Lots of viewers were maybe surprised by the result, but we were not! The panel of testers concluded that this razor gave the best and most pleasurable result. In addition, the blades are ten times cheaper than Gillette. Why continue with something that is more expensive and inferior?

Muhle R89 is being produced in Mühle’s own factory in Stützengrün, a half hour drive from Leipzig. Although the razor has a classic design, factors such as weight, material, the distance between the blade and razor, and the angle of the blade are carefully thought through.

After the parts of the razor are cast in brass or steel, they go through a chrome plating. This provides the razor it’s classic gloss and appearance and protects the metal underneath. When you hold this razor in your hand you will notice that this is real German quality! Eventually, you will also notice that your wallet is delighted that the blades of the traditional razor are much cheaper. Your garbage bin will also appreciate that it is not being filled with plastic packaging.

Perfectly suited for Mühle razor stand or Muhle razor stand & shaving brush and a perfect companion for the Muhle Silvertip shaving brush.

Please be aware that the blades have a lot to say for how shaving with your razor is experienced. Try different blades and you will quite quickly find your favorite! That being said, the rust-proof MÜHLE razor blades are the perfect match for this safety razor.

Mühle R89 Specs

  • Razor Head: Closed comb
  • Weight: 64 grams
  • Dimension: 41 mm x 94 mm
  • Material: Handles made of metal with chrome-plated metal highlights
  • Production country: Germany

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Question: Is this suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, Mühle R89 Close Comb is a lot more forgiving than for example Mühle R41 Open Comb – particularly if you are new to wet-shaving. For more experienced users with thicker hair, the Mühle R41 Open Comb is usually recommended because it’s more aggressive blade angle, but R41 Open Comb is not recommended for novices to this kind of shaving.
Please note: Mühle offers a separate head with an open comb, so if you have a Mühle razor with a closed comb, you can change head later by purchasing this head.

Runner ups

Merkur HD 34C

A best-selling razor with a classic design from 1931! Molded in brass and chrome plated for extra shine. Suitable for beginners, but is also popular for people with sensitive skin.


  • Affordable – currently around $30 at Amazon


  • Short handle

Merkur HD 34C Specs

  • Razor Head: Closed comb – two piece – non-adjustable razor
  • Weight: 2.83 ounces or 80.5 grams.
  • Dimension: 41 mm x 83 mm
  • Material: Handles made of metal with chrome-plated plated finish
  • Production country: Germany

Safety Razor Head Design Types

Safety razors vary a little in design; some have a different mechanism for inserting a new blade, others have a uniform design, and some are assigned to specific tasks. Here is an overview of the most common types.

Safety Razors Having a Closed Comb

A closed comb is the most common type of head on a safety razor. This is recommended for most people, both beginners and experienced. With a closed comb only a small portion of the blade is being exposed, hence the name “safety razor”.

Most safety razors we will discuss have a closed comb. Safety razors from the German brand Mühle have a common head with a closely aligned closed comb (apart from a few varieties that have open comb). Whether you go for the test winner Mühle R89 or another variant of Mühle with a different design, rest assured you will get a good shave!

Safety Razors With an Open Comb

An open comb allows more of the blade to be exposed. An open comb is thus more aggressive in its setting than one with a closed comb. In reality, safety razors have a partial rather than a completely open comb. In addition to more exposure of the razor’s blade, there is also a slightly different angle of the blade. A razor with an open comb is ideal for those with a coarse and dense beard.

Note that an open comb razor is a little harder to shave with at the beginning, so if you have no experience with traditional shaving we recommend that you choose one with a closed comb.

Please note: Mühle offers a separate head with an open comb, so if you have a Mühle razor with a closed comb like the R89, you can change to an open comb later by purchasing this head.

Safety Razors With a Slant Bar Design

The head on these razors is tilted at an angle. While regular razors cut the hair by pushing the blade straight towards the hair, the angle on a slant bar design makes the blade cut the hair slightly sideways. This ensures an even closer shave than a regular razor can provide. The chance to cut yourself is a bit higher, but if it is used correctly; the angle creates a very nice shave for people with sensitive skin since it requires less pressure against the skin.

Safety Razors With an Adjustable Design

Some razors are adjustable. This means that you can regulate the distance between the comb and the blade. The longer the distance, the more aggressive and closer shave you will get. These are nice because as you get better at shaving, you can adjust the gap and get a closer shave. Some users will choose to use the same setting on the razor for their entire shave, while others use a more aggressive setting for the jaw and a gentler one for the neck.

Please note that Slant and Adjustable heads are available on fewer models and usually have longer delivery times and may be sold out due to limited production.

Please note that Slant and Adjustable heads are available on fewer models and usually have longer delivery times and may be sold out due to limited production.