Edwin Jagger DE89KN14bl Knurled Handle – a Beautiful and Great Performing Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89 Review

Wet shaving enthusiasts will all agree that there are only a few brands of safety razors that are worth discussing. Edwin Jagger tops the list of the most trusted and functional brands of safety razors.

Edwin Jagger is an English brand with a sleek design and a fantastic range of razors that come in a variety of sizes. For more than two decades Edwin Jagger safety razors have set the standard for impeccable male grooming. Not only that – they are making some kiler shaving brushes – as a matter of fact, we have reviewed the Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush With Drip Stand – and it is our top pick for shaving brushes this year!

Edwin Jagger DE89 – The Trendsetter

Edwin Jagger brands exemplify traditional English quality, combining it with state-of-the-art design, the most modern manufacturing techniques, and the long established craftsman skills. Edwin Jagger has set the standard for wet shaving and manufacture of other grooming products.

Edwin Jagger DE89KN14bl Knurled Handle – (we will refer to it from now on just as Edwin Jagger DE89) is a safety razor whose performance can only be compared with the biggest brands in the market. You can easily achieve a clean barber shop quality shave if you are patient enough to perform a standard three pass shave.

Edwin Jagger DE89 is a safety razor whose performance can only be compared with the biggest brands in the market. You can easily achieve a clean barber shop quality shave if you are patient enough to perform a standard three pass shave.

And while most beginners may start using this safety razor, what inspires most men to stick to this brand is its sleek design. The ED DE89 safety razor offers a comfortable shave that does not irritate the skin in any way.

One of the main reasons the DE89 safety razor can offer such a smooth shave is because of the way the head is designed. The head is covered with a 3-piece scalloped closed comb, which aligns the beard hair neatly before it is smoothly cut by the passing sharp blade.

Also, the gap between the blade and the head is large enough to allow the shaved hair to pass through quickly, along with the lather. This helps to achieve a continuous smooth shave. The cut hair does not scrape the skin with each pass on the face.

Another reason the DE89 shave is so comfortable is how comfortably the razor balances in hand. DE89 has got a perfect weight and it is not too small for any hand size to hold. One of the reasons why men might struggle with their wet shaving routine is that most of the safety razors are not easy to master.

Holding the safety razor in the right position and gliding it over the face is a trick that is a bit challenging, especially for beginners.

The time-tested design of the Edwin Jagger safety razor has proven to make shaving simpler for everybody. The distribution of weight on DE89 makes it easy to handle and manipulate while shaving. The level of control of this safety razor is further enhanced by its grip. Edwin Jagger safety razors have a smooth and flat grip that allows the users to handle comfortably.

The handle is short enough for any hand to hold properly at odd angles making it easier to achieve a clean shave on the tricky spots on the face. Regarding the shave, most users have described it as being mild and not very aggressive compared to other safety razors in the market.

The best part is that you can get all this and much more at an affordable price. Edwin Jagger safety razors are reasonably priced, and you won’t need to break the bank to achieve a clean wet shave. You can get DE89 safety razor for $40 depending on where you make the purchase.

Specific Features of Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razors Edwin Jagger Chrome Knurled DE Razor

  • They have a polished chrome finish on both the visible and non-visible parts
  • Nine inches long
  • Weight-2.2 ounces
  • They come in two different variants; DE89BL and the DE89LBL. The DE89BL has a smooth chrome handle while the DE89LBL has a lined knurling on the handle


  • DE89 is a great safety razor for both novice and experienced wet shavers
  • It has a beautiful chrome finish – nearly as nice as Muhle R89
  • The safety razor is very affordable especially if you buy it from Amazon stores
  • They have an excellent blade alignment


  • The chrome polish will wear out over time, but this should not be an issue when you properly dry your safety razor after use
  • Some users have complained about a slippery handle
  • Occasionally users have also complained about the bolt that holds the head to the handle breaking off


ModelOverall LengthHandle LengthHandle DiameterWeightMaterialFinishTypeAdjustableKnurled handleBlade included
Edwin Jagger DE893.6 inches/ 93 mm3.4 inches/ 85 mm12.5 mm2.2 ounces/ 63 gramsCast MetalChrome Plated Brass3 piece closed combNoYes
Barber Pole Style


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What To Expect From DE89 Safety Razor?


Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor has a superior finish when compared with its competitors. The razor is chrome plated with a high-quality finish on both the visible and the non-visible parts. DE89 is a special type of safety razor that offers more than you would expect. One of the DE89 competitors, the Merkur 34C finish doesn’t come close to DE89’s finish.

Is It Easy to Load Blades on DE89 Safety Razor?

As mentioned earlier, DE89 is a 3-piece razor, and you will have to take it apart so that you can load the blades. However, the process of loading the blades is quite simple.

To load the blades, you will need to twist the handle so as to remove the top and the base plate. Then, slide the blade on the posts of the top plate and then attach the base plate and handle and then tighten. Ensure that you hold both sides of the razor head to ensure that you achieve an equal blade exposure. Editors note: Since this razor is made of cast metal, be careful so you do not tighten it too hard.


The DE89 safety razor is known for its smooth shave that doesn’t irritate the skin. On a scale of one to ten, it would have a score of 4-5. This safety razor is quite mild, which is good because it gives users room to experiment with different blades.

For a close shave, you can go for the Merkur, Solingen Timor, Feather or Personna’s blades. You can also opt for a less aggressive one like a Derby if you just want to enjoy the wet shaving experience. It is delivered with a complimentary 5 pack of Derby double edge razor blades.


Speaking of grip, there are two versions of DE89; the BL and the LBL series. The two models are quite similar apart from the design of the handle. The LBL series has lines on the handle that enhances the grip while the BL model doesn’t have any knurling.

Most of the beginners who are concerned about the grip opt for LBL model which has lines for enhanced grip. It is important to note that heads of Edwin Jagger safety razors are all the same and the difference lies in the length of the handle and the knurling design. Edwin Jagger Kevin is another option that is worth considering. This model has a more classic studded knurling design.


The two models; BL and LBL versions have a length of 3.9 inches when measured from top to bottom. This length works well for just about any hand size, big or small.

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What Do Consumers Say About Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razors?

Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razors have received plenty of positive reviews from both beginners and experienced wet shavers. Most of the users on Amazon have given very positive reviews on the performance of this safety razor.

Geofatboy, a renowned wet shaving enthusiast from ShaveNation.com, says that Edwin Jagger DE89 “cuts like a hot knife on butter” on his 3-day beard growth. In his video review, Geofatboy said wow more than ten times, probably to express the great feeling of using DE89 safety razors.

Nick Shaves, another wet shaving enthusiast says that DE89 safety razor has the most beautiful chrome plating among the many safety razors he has reviewed in his career. The DE89 safety razor is well polished in both the visible and the non-visible parts.

ShaveBusta, another enthusiast, says that DE89 is one of the easiest safety razors he has used.
Most of the consumers on Amazon and shaving forums also attest to the fact that DE89 is one of the best razors currently in the market. According to these consumers, Edwin Jagger DE89 has a better chrome finish when compared to its competitor; Merkur 34c

DE89 is much lighter when compared to other safety razors such as the Parker 91R and a bit heavier than the long handled Merkur 180 (also known as Merkur Merkur 23C). Some consumers even compared the DE89 to the Gillette Fat Boy, and they said it is much better.

On the other side, some users have complained about the bolt that holds the head and the bottom cap breaking after a few months of use. Please see the Editors note early on how to prevent this problem. However, regarding achieving a smooth, clean shave, DE89 rated well even among the 1 and 2-star reviews.

To ensure that this razor serves you better, always ensure that you clean and dry the razor thoroughly after use.


Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor is one of the more reasonably priced safety razors in its category. You can buy this razor in Amazon stores where it costs around $40. The price will likely be higher if you buy this product from other vendors.

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Edwin Jagger is a trusted brand that has been on the market for several decades now. They specialize in manufacturing high quality and functional products for their customers. The DE89 safety razor is certainly one of their best products.

The chrome finish is superb, almost mirror like. The head is well designed with an easy loading of blades for both beginners and experienced wet shavers.

If you are a beginner looking out for high-quality safety razors, then I recommend that you give DE89 a try and experience why most wet shaving enthusiasts have remained loyal to this brand for years. Please check out our comparison chart to see the Edwin Jagger DE89 vs Merkur 34C and other competitors like the Muhle R89, Parker 99R, and The Beast!

Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor Review and Shave

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