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Edwin Jagger Kelvin Double Edge Safety Razor – Review and Buying Guide

In today’s article, we will do an Edwin Jagger Kelvin review.

There are many brands in the safety industry.

But few has captured the respect of wet shaving enthusiasts like Edwin Jagger.

Shaving enthusiasts often recommend this brand – not only for razors, but also for shaving brushes, creams and soaps – and with good reasons.

Quick question, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the name, Edwin Jagger?

An English gentleman?

If yes, then you are spot on.

The razor is beautifully crafted for such a person.

In this review and buying guide, we shall dissect the Kelvin model.

We shall have a look at its stand out feature and why experts recommend it.

The Edwin Jagger Kelvin model was crafted exclusively for Amazon, but are now also available on other sites.

Additionally, the double edge razor features a short and stubby handle, very similar to the one used on Merkur 34c.

The handle has machined knurling for a superior grip even in wet conditions.

It’s also worth noting that the Kelvin model is based on the Edwin Jagger DE89 series.

This is one of the most popular safety razors for men and is even considered the best for tight shaving.

And now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into the detailed review.

Edwin Jagger Kelvin DE Features and Specs

Features at a GlanceSpecsPerformance
  • Has chrome plated finish
  • It has a short and thick knurled handle
  • It is made in England
  • It comes with Derby blades (5 packs)
  • Has a closed comb design
  • Has an aggressivenes rating of 4/10
Model: Edwin Jagger Kelvin

Overall Length: 3.3 inches/ 85 mm

Handle Length: 2.95 inches/ 75 mm

Handle Diameter: 0.49/ 12.53 mm

Weight: 2.1 ounces/ 60 grams

Material: Alloy handle/ Zinc/Aluminum head

Finish: Chrome-plated

Type: 3 Piece Scalloped Head Closed Comb

Adjustable: No

Knurled handle: Yes

Blade included: 5

Weight: (3/5)

Grip: (3.5/5)

Length: (3/5)

Aggressiveness: (2/5)

Blade Replacement: (3/5)

Shave Quality: (5/5)

Affordability: (4.5/5)

Review of: Edwin Jagger Kelvin
Recommended Use: Beginner/ Intermediate
Editor’s Rating
Value for Money
  • Excellent – Top Pick Awards’
Edwin Jagger Kelvin Review
Top Pick

Amazon Rating




We Like
  • You get 5 pack blades
  • The closed comb design makes yielding a mild shave easy for beginners
  • Has great craftsmanship
Keep This in Mind
  • Has a short handle
  • The knurling is not deep


Summary: As our Edwin Jagger Kelvin review will show – this DE razor is perfect for men that want a mild razor with ample close shaving power.

The closed comb design is perfect for newbie wet shavers.

However, you are advised not to press it too hard on your skin.





What the Edwin Jagger Kelvin DE Safety Razor Offers

In regards to craftsmanship, the Edwin Jagger safety razors designers have done a great job.

The design and quality of the safety razor are unmatched.

A quick glance at the razor and you can tell that they focused on getting the details right.

Take this for instance.

Which other safety razors skimp on chrome finishing in the nooks and crannies, Edwin Jagger designers covered every surface.

It Looks Great

If beauty is a deal breaker for you, you fall in love with the Edwin Jagger Kelvin.

It is one of the best-looking safety razors on the market.

As for shaving quality, the razor is considered mild.

The mild rating is courtesy of the closed comb design.

This design covers a large chunk of the blade.

As pointed out before, the Kelvin resembles the DE89 on many fronts.

Below is a video on the DE89 done by Nick Shaves detailing what the DE89 has to offer.

Comparing the two safety razors, you’ll notice that the most notable difference is the handle.

  • The DE89 has a slightly longer handle
  • The knurling design is also different
  • The two razors sport the same head.

So aside from the handle designs, they are basically the same product.

But the handle design and length is enough for the two to appeal to different people.

For those with large hands, the DE89 is perfect.

However, for those looking for a shorter handle for superior control, then the Kelvin is just what the doctor ordered.

How Easy is it to Load the Blade?

The Edwin Jagger Kelvin is a 3 piece razor – much like the DE89.

This means that the razor has 3 parts – the handle, plate, and top.

Usually, 3-piece razors are a little more difficult to assemble compared to 2-piece razors.

Additionally, there’s a higher risk of cutting yourself – especially if you are clumsy.

To be safe, you should hold the sides of the razor when loading the blade.

This way your fingers don’t come into contact with the sharp blade edges.

Holding the edges will also make it easier for you to align the blade on the head and get even exposure.


The Edwin Jagger Kelvin is rated mildly aggressive.

While this might be a turn off for some of the expert wet shavers, it is great news for beginners.

Mild aggressiveness allows a lot of room to humble and lets proper wet shaving technique without nicking yourself.

It is the perfect razor to train on.

But this aggressive rating doesn’t mean that experts cannot use.

They can. But they have to pair it with a sharp de-blade – something like the Feather blade.

With a sharp blade, you’ll achieve close shaves with minimal irritations.


Some Edwin Jagger safety razors like the DE89BL do not come with knurled handles.

But things are different with the Kelvin razor.

Actually, the Kelvin features knurling similar to that found in many Merkur razors.

The razor sports a cross-knurling design.

This offers its users a superior grip compared to the standard DE89.

The knurling runs from the top to bottom.

It provides a firm grip even in wet and soapy conditions.


The Kelvin is shorter than the DE89.

It measures 2.9 inches.

Admittedly, this handle length is not perfect for persons with large hands.

However, for guys with small hands, it’s a great option.

Those with larger hands should prefer the DE89.

What Consumers and Other Reviews Are Saying

Most consumers and other Edwin Jagger Kelvin reviews have nothing but praise for this safety razor.

Below are some of the good things they are saying.

  • Its Smoother Compared to the Merkur HD

When comparing the Merkur 34 HD to the Edwin Jagger Kelvin, consumers say that the Kelvin offers a smoother shave.

It doesn’t scrap the skin. The smooth shaving could be because of the closed comb design.

  • Short Handle

Believe it or not, the short handle is popular with men with large hands as well.

According to consumer reviews, the short handle offers them superior control especially when they are shaving in some tight spots.

  • Better Balance

With the short handle, most of the razor’s weight is shifted towards the head.

This is a good thing as it results in an effortless shave. Even with shallow knurling, the grip is good enough for controlled shaving.

What Should You Beware of?

Well, the only major concern of this razor is the bolt holding its 3 pieces together.

There is a risk of it getting broken.

You could either accidentally drop it or, rust eats through it with time.

Where Can You Get This?

This razor is available on Amazon .

If you join Prime you can enjoy the 2-day free shipping.

The initial cost might be steep compared to a cartridge razor steep.

But when compared to the long-term cartridge cost, it’s cheaper by hundreds, if not thousands.

I will say that Edwin Jagger has come up with a great shaving product again.

I hope you have enjoyed our Edwin Jagger Kelvin review and happy shaving!

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