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Merkur 20C Review – Black Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor Buying Guide

Today we are doing a Merkur 20c review-and buying guide.

So far, most of the double edge safety razors I’ve reviewed are chrome plated.

The chrome plating gives each of these safety razors a clean, beautiful, and presentable look.

But unfortunately, it can be too monotonous and I dare say perhaps a bit boring for some shavers.

But don’t crucify me yet.

The reason I point this out is because of the different look we are about to encounter on the Merkur 20C.

At first glance, you’d think the Merkur double edge safety razor has a black long rubber handle.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

The handle features an anodized aluminum finish elevated with trendy barber pole style knurling.

This finish and knurling offer a comfortable and firm grip without sticking to the palms of your hand.

Also, I feel this handle will age better than the chrome handles which tend to chip with time.

It’s also worth noting that the handle is thin.

Yes, the handle isn’t as thick as that of Edwin Jagger Kelvin DE razor or Merkur MK-39C.

This makes it perfect for people with smaller hands.

But other than that, the Merkur 20C is pretty standard.

It has a well proven Merkur head design – the kind that comes with Merkur 3-piece razors.

But is the handle the only thing that the Merkur 20C has to offer?

Not quite.

To give you an overall view of this safety razor, below is a quick overview of its features.

Features at a GlanceSpecsPerformance
  • Weighs about 2.2 ounces
  • Measures 4.2-inches in length
  • Has a 3 piece head design
  • Black anodized aluminum finish
  • 1 blade included
  • Average aggressiveness
Model: Merkur 20C

Overall Length: 4.25 inches/ 107 mm

Handle Length: 3.7 inches/ 95 mm

Handle Diameter: N/A

Weight: 2.2 ounces/ 60 grams

Material: Metal

Finish: Chrome-plated w/ Anodized Aluminum Metal Handle

Type: 3 Piece Scalloped Bar Closed Comb

Adjustable: No

Knurled handle: Yes – Barber Pole Style

Blade included: 1

Weight: (3.5/5)

Grip: (4.5/5)

Length: (4.5/5)

Aggressiveness: (5/5)

Blade Replacement: (4/5)

Shave Quality: (5/5)

Affordability: (4/5)

Review of: Merkur 20C
Recommended Use: Beginner/ Intermediate
Editor’s Rating
Value for Money
  • Excellent – Top Pick Awards’
Merkur 20c Review
Top Pick

Amazon Rating



We Like
  • Merkur 20C is a perfect option for individuals with small hands looking to transition smoothly into wet shaving
  • The handle has a nice, grippy feel
  • The overall design is perfect for right-handed persons
Keep This in Mind
  • In comparison to other beginner safety razors, the Merkur 2-C is rather pricey
  • Some consumers have complained that the handle is difficult to clean


Summary: As our Merkur 20c review will show – this is yet another safety razor designed to present newbies with an easy way to get into and quickly enjoy wet shaving.

This baby is beautiful, sleek and affordable. The anodized aluminum handle adds a beautiful contrast in style and helps provide a great grip for a more comfortable shave.

If you have smaller hands, it’ll work like magic allowing you more control and comfort.

Check it out today and benefit from these unique features.




A Detailed Look at the Black Handled MK-20B Double Edge Safety Razor Features

First impressions are important.

The Merkur 20C sports a handle that’s designed to leave a lasting impression on all who gaze upon it.

Instead of the conventional chrome finish that most safety razor brands have embraced (even Merkur on some of its razors), the Merkur 20C features a unique black matte finish that resembles rubber.

But though it looks and feels like rubber, it certainly is not.

Merkur used anodized aluminum to achieve the grippy texture.

On the handle, Merkur has also implemented the barber pole style design.

The grooves spiral down to the base of the razor in a counterclockwise direction.

As such, the handle has a slightly better grip on the right hand than it does when in the left hand.

But aside from the handle, the rest of the safety razor is adorned with a shiny chrome finish.

And just in case you’re wondering, the hidden parts have a chrome finish as well.

It’s just that they are not polished.

Fortunately, the rough finish in these hidden pats doesn’t affect the shaving quality.

3-piece Razor

A 3-piece razor design means that the safety razor has a handle, base, and top plate.

These parts are held together by a single bolt.

Note that 3-piece razors are slightly harder to disassemble and reassemble compared to 2-piece razors.

But on the bright side, they are easier to clean.

In the Merkur 20C box there is a single blade.

But depending on your facial hair and skin, you may have to get a different blade to provide the best shave for you.

If you’re new to wet shaving and haven’t got the slightest clue which blade is perfect for you, I recommend getting a set of sampler double-edge blades.

These sets contain blades from several brands and will help you find the one that is best for you.

Note: every man is different and has specific shaving needs.

But the best thing about Merkur safety razors is that they are versatile.

You can use an aggressive or less aggressive blade on the razor and still achieve the same great results.

However, if you thick and tough beard, you should be sure to get a sharp blade.

Is Blade Loading Easy?

As pointed out earlier, it is a 3-piece razor.

The Merkur 20C includes a few more steps in its disassembly in comparison to butterfly and 2-piece razors.

But it is not such a big deal, otherwise, why would companies make so many of them?

To make the loading process easier, experts recommend holding the head by its edges.

This will align the blade and make the bolt tightening process a breeze.


As for aggressiveness, many expert wet shavers consider the Merkur 20C a mild razor.

Specifically, they often rate it a 4/10.

Which such levels of aggressiveness, the MK-20c is perfect for beginners who are yet to master wet shaving techniques.

If you are a wet shaving master and would love to get a close shave with this razor, I recommend using a sharp blade.

This will help in offsetting the design mildness.

Fair Warning – even with a sharp blade, the Merkur 20C is no match for the open comb or slant razors when it comes to a really close shave.

Weight and Balance

The Merkur 20C weighs about 2.2 ounces.

This makes it lighter than the Merkur 33C.

Its lightweight is courtesy of the thinner handle.

But the Merkur 20C surprisingly doesn’t feel all that light in my hand.

This is probably because the metal is quite dense.

As for its balance, it’s perfect despite its head being slightly heavier than the handle.

What Other Consumers and Reviews Are Saying

Most consumers have nothing but praise for this razor.

There is a long list of reasons why they sing its praises.

However, at the top of that list is the solid grip designed from anodized aluminum with a barber pole knurling design, some consumers claim it is even better than on the popular Merkur MK-34c.

Medium Aggressiveness

It is true that this safety razor is not the most aggressive in the market.

That being said, its medium aggressive rating will suffice for a beginner and experts searching for a daily beard mower.

The beauty of the level of aggressiveness it sports is that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

No Cuts or Burns

This is a huge win for many consumers.

Most first time shavers were impressed and happy with the shaving results.

The lack of cuts, razor burns and nicks is an icing on the cake.

Long Handle

This is another reason consumers have fallen in love with this safety razor.

Most Merkur razors have short handles.

However, the Merkur 20C strays from that norm.

Its handle measures a whopping 4 inches, pretty much the same as the sibling Merkur 23c long handled safety razor.

This handle length will undoubtedly offer more control when shaving.

Where Can You Buy Merkur MK-20c

The Merkur black handled double edge safety razor is available on Amazon.

Now to beginners, $$ for a razor may sound like a lot, however, when you do the math, you’ll actually be saving cash in the long run.

The price difference comes in when you buy replacement blades as opposed to new cartridges.

For those transitioning from cartridges as our Merkur 20C review has shown – is a perfect option since it’s about the same size and feel as most cartridge razors.

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