Merkur 34C Heavy Duty– Is it The Best Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor?

Merkur 34c

Honestly speaking, if there is one safety razor that has captured the hearts of many experts, it is the Merkur 34C HD. Several experts that have used numerous products in the industry believe that this is the best product for both experienced and newbie wet shavers; and for good reasons. With a classic design going back to 1931, the German made Merkur Heavy Duty 34C is one of the most versatile razors there is on the market today. With a sharp, high-quality blade like Feather, a really close shave with little effort as possible. If you use a less aggressive blade like Dorco, the razor will still provide a perfect shave but is easier to use for a newbie who has just gotten into wet shaving.

But the best part for many, especially those working on a tighter budget, is the price of this top quality safety razor. It goes for about $30 – give or take a few dollars depending on where you make your purchase, with Amazon currently having the best deals. This is kind of typical for Merkur – they make great products for a reasonable price – not only safety razors, but also straight cut razors like Dovo and fair priced shaving brushes as well.

ModelOverall LengthHandle LengthHandle DiameterWeightMaterialFinishTypeAdjustableKnurled handleBlade included
Merkur 34C3.3 inches/ 84 mm3 inches/ 76 mm0.4 inches/ 12 mm2.83 ounces/ 80.5 gramsZamakChrome Plated2 pieceNoYes0


  • Merkur HD 34C is a two-piece – non-adjustable razor
  • It comes with one blade
  • The shaver features a chrome plated finish which gives it a pleasing look
  • It weighs about 2.83 ounces or 80.5 grams.


  • A quick glance at the Merkur 34C and you will notice that it has great design and build
  • While there are many three-piece shavers in the market, the two-piece design that this razor feature makes it very easy to adjust the blade so that it is even on both sides
  • The chrome finish is shiny and smooth and will not scratch even sensitive faces as you shave
  • The handle is made complete with knurling that helps to prevent it from slipping up (even when your hand is wet and softened by the shaving cream)


  • The Merkur 34C is not the most aggressive razor on the market, but when you think about it, it is what makes it perfect for beginners in the first place
  • If you have fragile skin or a coarse beard, you might have to try something different, something more aggressive like the Merkur Slant Blade, Merkur Futur (adjustable), Merkur Progress (also adjustable) or the Muhle R41. The latter is designed for experienced wet shavers
  • Under the blade covering, you will notice that the chrome plating is not polished. However, since it does not come into contact with the skin at any one point, this is not a major issue
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What You Should Expect From the Merkur 34C


When unboxing your new razor from Merkur Dovo Solingen, the very first thing that will catch your attention will be the craftsmanship of the razor. The chrome coating is out of this world, nearly as nice as the more expensive Muhle R89. All the parts that might come in contact with your skin are plated to ensure that your face is not scratched during the shave. After all, wet shaving is meant to be a sensual, enjoyable experience.

As stated above, you will notice that under the top blade cover, the razor is not polished or chrome plated. But then again, since this part will never come into contact with your skin, it should not be much of a problem. The company has obviously decided to save the expense of chrome plating this part and having to pass this cost down to you – the customer.

A point to note is that even though this razor is considered and actually marketed as a closed comb razor, you still can use it to shave beards that are 5 days old provided you couple it with a sharp blade like the Feather (one of the best blades there is on the market). This goes to show just how versatile the product really is. It is perfect for both beginners who need gentle shaving so as not to nick themselves, given that they have not yet mastered the art of wet shaving. This razor also works perfectly for seasoned shavers who want a razor that they can depend on to provide a close shave and even clear thick beards.

Sure, seasoned wet shaves might have to do two or even three passes to be able to get a close shave but the point we are trying to make here is that the Merkur 34C will still get the job done. If you want to get a product that will get you a close shave in one swipe be sure that your technique is well perfected otherwise you will end up with a face that looks like a cat scratched the hell out of.

Is the Blade Easy to Load on the Merkur 34C?

The fact that this is a two piece razor means that the base plate and the handle are fixed together – they are one piece. As such, when you compare it to a three piece razor, you will notice that the two-piece is easier to load a blade. All you need to do is twist the knob at the bottom so as to loosen the plate, carefully place your blade between the posts and then tighten the knob when you are done.

As you are tightening the knob though, you should make sure that the razor stays in place. To ensure this, hold the sides of the blade until you feel it has a perfect fit.


With regards to aggressiveness, it is considered to be a mild razor. However, when you pair it up with a blade like Feather, the performance will be well above mild and it will be able to handle rough beards as well. Though it may need a few passes to achieve the desired results, a baby smooth shave is possible.


When you look closely at the handle of the razor, you will notice that it features cris-crossing knurls that form hundreds of miniature diamonds which provides a perfect grip for both right handed and left handed persons. The bottom part of the handle, at the knob, is made to be wider than the handle itself. This helps to know just where the edge of the handle and prevents any further slipping while also providing you more control.


This is one of the shortest razor measuring less than 4 inches, actually, the handle length is about 3 inches. This length might not be the best for men with large hands – but it is workable. If you have big hands, I would then go for the Merkur 180 (23C) Long Handled Safety Razor or the Parker 99R.

What Consumers Have to Say About Merkur 34C?

Consumers, mostly men, who have used the Merkur 34C have nothing but good things to say about this product. Many of them had transitioned from shaving with Gillette cartridges and into wet shaving. Some had very rough beards, the kind that is described to be having the texture and roughness of tiny wires, and some still have very sensitive skin. All these persons were very pleased with what the razor could do for them.

They all went on record to state that the razor provided a very smooth shave and did not leave any irritation or burn. However, you still have to learn just how you should use the safety razor and of course prep your face so as to maximize the benefits of wet shaving.

As stated earlier, many consider this razor to be gentle. However, you still can get a close shave when you use a good quality, sharp blade. But more than getting an irritation-free save, what many were hyped about was the fact that they got great value for money and still achieve the results they had pictured in their minds.

As for complaints (you know even the best products and videos on the internet still gets some dislikes and complaints), some complained that the chrome chipped and that the razor did not provide them with the close shave that they were hoping to get. Men with large hands were unhappy with the short length of the handle. To get a clear picture of how short the razor is, try placing it next to a Gillette razor.

But when all is said and done, whether you purchase the product or not will all be up to you and your preference. It is difficult to compare a high-end stainless steel product with a chrome plated razor without considering the price. Stainless steel razors can go for up to $100 in comparison to $30 for this razor. The quality of the shave will also depend on the facial hair you sport. If it is coarse or delicate you may need a product that is slightly more aggressive than this razor.


Overall, the  Merkur 34C HD is a very good razor, perfect for beginners and seasoned wet shavers alike. The design and construction are of great quality, but for some reason, that does not seem to affect the price of the product. It still is a very affordable razor. The two-piece design it sports makes assembly easier in comparison to three-piece products available on the market.

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Check out our safety razors comparison chart to see Merkur 34c vs Edwin Jagger de89 and other competitors like Parker 99R and Muhle R89.


Merkur 34c HD and Feather Razor Blade!

Quick morning shave with a Merkur 34c safety razor and a Feather blade! Love this combo, gives me some of the closest shaves possible. I paired it with a Semogue Owner's Club Badger Brush and a vintage RazoRock soap. This RazoRock soap is amazing! I wish it was still in production - Nick

Shave Gear Used in This Video
Safety Razor: Merkur 34C
Shaving Brush: Semogue OC Badger
Razor Blades: Feather
Soap: Vintage RazoRock (not in production)

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