Merkur HD Slant 37c Review – AKA Sledgehammer – a Great Safety Razor For Men With Coarse Beards

Merkur 37c Slant

We should probably start by stating that the Merkur 37c HD Slant (also called the Sledgehammer) is a double-edged sword- literally.

That said, you can expect the razor to work wonders in the hands of an experienced wet shaver. However, on the flip side when handled by an inexperienced/beginner wet shaver, the results can be scary and even a little bloody if caution is not exercised.

An experienced wet shaver Nick Shaves goes on record comparing the Merkur HD Slant to the sibling Merkur 34C HD. According to Nick, and this is quite evident even to the inexperienced, the two are similar in handle design, size as well as weight. They do, however, differ greatly when it comes to the head.

Merkur 34C comes with a flat blade while Merkur 37C Slant features a slightly twisted blade. This twist creates a shallow angle similar to that of a guillotine. A straight head design cuts facial hair square on while a twisted head design slices the hair at an angle which is far more efficient.

Courtesy of this angled head the blade gives a close shave with fewer passes and is more aggressive, or more correctly – effective. Losing focus for even a split second will see you nicking your skin. It because of its aggressive and highly efficient design that most experienced wet shavers do not recommend this razor to newbies in wet shaving.

To help you get a better understanding of the capability of Merkur 37c below is an in-depth review.


  • 2-piece razor
  • Knurled handle. The length of the handle is similar to that of Merkur 34C
  • The head is twisted giving the blade a slanted angle thus providing an aggressive and efficient shave
  • Perfect for men with sensitive skin and coarse beards


  • The slanted angle of the blade gives a close shave with fewer passes
  • It is great for men who have sensitive skin
  • Effective for men with course beards
  • The weight is evenly distributed
  • Great grip for men with small or normal size hands


  • The safety shaver is pretty aggressive – it is easy to nick yourself if you lose concentration or when you are just beginning to learn wet shaving
  • Not for men with large hands due to a short handle
  • In my opinion, it is not a pretty design – but effective – sure!
  • It is not ideal for beginners
ModelOverall LengthHandle LengthHandle DiameterWeightMaterialFinishTypeAdjustableKnurled handleBlade included
Merkur 37c Slant3.3 inches/ 83 mm3 inches/ 76 mm0.55 inches/ 14mm2.7 ounces/ 78 gramsZamakChrome-plated2 Piece Slanted Open CombNoYesNone

What To Expect From The Merkur HD Slant 37C

Merkur 37c Slant BarMerkur 37c comes with a 2 piece design. This is to mean that the handle and the base are designed as one unit. The bottom piece of the razor is held down by a bolt that screws into the knurled handle. This 2-piece design is simple and significantly easier to assemble than the 3-piece design most Merkur double edge razors adorn.

Merkur designed the head of this razor to twist. As such, the blade is held at an angle. It is this design that warrants the name ‘Slant’.

Shaving101 takes the liberty of comparing this featured slant design to a guillotine. The very first guillotine came with a flat blade positioned at no angle. The guillotine depended mainly on the weight of blade to cut. Other designs that followed, however, incorporated better designs by angling the blade thereby producing much better results. Instead of the chopping motion, the subsequent slanted blades sliced. This slicing motion immediately proved to be more efficient.

The slanted design also has the same effect on facial hair. The design helps to slice off the stubble. It is because of this design that Merkur recommends this particular DE razor to men with coarse beards. For coarse facial hair, the standardly designed razors prove to be less than ideal.

Given the efficiency of the blade angle, it is only logical that wet shavers, beginners, and newbies alike, will be attracted to the Slant. However, those transitioning from cartridge razors should not leap head first into using the slant razor due to its very aggressive nature. What has time and time again proved to be its strength can quickly transform to be a safety hazard in the hands of an inexperienced wet shaver.

If you are still learning the art of wet shaving, you should consider mild safety razors like the Edwin Jagger DE89 or even the Merkur 34C HD.

Here is a video by Nick Shaves that reviews Merkur 37C. At this point, it is important to note that the ’C’ in the 37C means that the safety razor is chrome plated.

While we recommend that you watch the video from start to finish, we have taken the liberty of pointing out the important points the video touches on.

The razor is a must have for any wet shaver especially if you in a hurry and do not want to compromise in getting the close shave.

If you are one of those persons who have sensitive skin particularly around the neck, you should only go with the grain.

Before you start wet shaving with this safety razor, you should ensure that you have enough lather on the area you intend to shave.

Slanted razors have a tendency of getting dull fast. As such, you may want to get a cheaper blade to keep the costs low.

While the safety razor in itself is not aggressive, the slant design does give the blade a significant level of access to facial hair and thus efficiency.

In addition to this, there is yet another video by Geofatboy, who happens to be an experienced wet shaver. In this video, he proceeds to demonstrate the process of using the Slant in the event you choose to get one. Following this video ensures that a newbie to wet shaving stands a better chance of experiencing success with the Merkur HD Slant 37C.

With the safety razor, he used a Feather blade. This is, however, a sharp blade and is not recommended for beginners. In the video, Geofatboy insists that the razor is aggressive. You will notice several passes were used to get a clean shave. The 1st pass was with the grain followed by a pass along the grain and finally against the grain.

Is Loading The Blade Easy?

Merkur Slant has a 2-piece design. This means that the unit comes with a bottom cap and a handle that is designed as one piece. To load the blade, all you need to do is twist the knob at the bottom of the handle and remove the top piece.

Loading a blade on this 2-piece design is generally easier than on a 3-piece design safety razor as there are fewer parts to be concerned with.

Aggressive Nature

The slant design is the main contributing factor to the Merkur 37c aggressiveness and efficiency. The blade is slightly angled. As such, it slices the facial hair instead of cutting it. Slicing, in this case, is much more efficient than cutting.

The working principle is similar to that of the guillotine. The slanted design slices with great efficiency. To put things into perspective, try cutting a potato with a knife. Cutting with a flat blade compared to slicing with an angle is certainly more work.

Another factor that contributes to the aggressiveness of the razor is the open comb design. This design exposes more of the blade. You should, however, be warned that the blade does get dull pretty fast and a change is required frequently. As such, it is recommended that you use less expensive blades for wet shaving with this safety razor. Derby is a perfect blade to give a try.

The Grip

All Merkur safety razors feature a knurling design on the handle. The 37C is no different. The grooves of the knurling appear on both sides spiraling downwards. It should, however, be noted that these grooves are not deep. But given the fact that the grooves spiral on both directions the grip is overall better in comparison to the barber pole styled knurling.

The lower section of the handle features a slightly wider diameter and comes with vertical grooves to enhance the grip.


Merkur 37c Slant is short and only measures 3.3 inches from the head to its base, exactly as it sibling Merkur 34c. The size makes it perfect for guys who have small or normal size hands. If you, however, have larger hands and find using this razor a bother, you will prefer Merkur 39C that has a longer handle and comes in at a total 4 inches long.

What Do Consumers Say?


Despite being rated as an aggressive razor, it is rather shocking to note that some individuals who bought Merkur Slant on Amazon bought it as their very first DE razor. Even more surprising, they had a great time saying they had a great shave.

In the video shared, it is evident that the safety razor can be used for multiple passes. That said, we still maintain that this unit is best for experienced wet shavers and newbies should learn the technique and skill first before diving right in with Merkur Slant.


Different online stores like Amazon and Walmart sell this product. However, the price differs from between $35 to $46.

Merkur 37c vs Merkur 39c  – Merkur 34c and Muhle R41

So how does this razor stack up against some of the competitors?


Merkur 37c Slant is perfect for experienced  shavers who have a firm grasp on their wet shaving skills. This is due to the aggressive nature of the razor courtesy of it’s slanted blade.

It is not recommended for beginners who really should learn the art of wet shaving before advancing to a razor as aggressive as this.

Lastly, it is a razor perfect for sensitive skin and coarse facial hair.

Did you know that Merkur is making some of the best straight razors available today with their Dovo brand? Not only that – they also have a firm grip on the best shaving brushes that you can get now!

Merkur 37c Slant Safety Razor Review

This is the famous Merkur Slant 37C. It is from Solingen, Germany and with it's slanted head this is a very efficient razor. I don't find it to be aggressive, but rather a very quick shaver. If I only had the time for one pass with a razor, it would either be this or my straight razor!

Get your Merkur 37c/Slant here!

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