Muhle R41 (AKA The Beast) – This Is Likely The Most Aggressive Double Edge Safety Razor Available

Muhle R41 Twist

Muhle R41 Open Comb HeadAdmit it, there are just days when you feel you do not want to go through the trouble of having to make three or even four passes before you can get that close shave you prefer. This is a normal phase that most men go through at some point, especially when they have busy days. As such, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Now, for your close shave need, there are several options that you could choose to explore. For starters, you could use a cartridge razor and risk having a razor burn or use a more efficient tool like a slant razor or even better – an open comb razor like the Muhle R41.

Okay, okay, the Muhle R41 is not an open comb per se but rather a hybrid of the traditional open comb design and the scalloped safety bar design that have popped up in the recent past. The Muhle R41 is designed with little exposure of the blade than its predecessor. But even then, many men that prefer wet shaving deem it to be one of the most aggressive safety razors in the market.

The open comb design this uniquely chrome plated beauty features is what makes it more aggressive than the closed razors on the market. The Muhle R41 is able to shave off about 3 – 4 days beard growth with fewer passes. However, if you are a beginner and learning the ropes of wet shaving, you should go for Muhle R89 which is less aggressive making it perfect for beginners. After you have gotten a hang of wet shaving and are confident you can do I without nicking yourself, then you can make the shift.

Individuals who are experienced in wet shaving have gone on record to state that the Muhle R41 is well built. Some even go ahead to state that the Muhle R41 is a major upgrade from the previous version. As such, it is designed to provide a safer and closer shave even though it features a slightly larger top cap. Upon more investigations, it turns out that the previous version had many persons complain of its aggressiveness. It was causing too many problems even to expert wet shavers who are skilled in the art.

But even with this fact, when the new design was introduced to the market, some were still skeptical and afraid to give it a try. Those who fell in love with the upgrade loved the fact that in just two or less, passes you achieved a clean look. They went to an extent to calling it “The Beast” and though it might have been caged, it might not be tamed, so you should take this as a warning.


Model Overall LengthHandle LengthHandle DiameterWeightMaterialFinishTypeAdjustableKnurled handleBlade included
Mühle R41 StandardMuhle R41 Traditional94 mm/ 3.7 inch82.5 mm/ 3.2 inch14 mm/ 0.55 inch64 g/ 2.26 oz.MetalChrome3 pieceNoYes1
Mühle R41 GrandeMuhle R41 Grande107 mm/ 4.2 inch95.5 mm/ 3.75 inch14 mm/ 0.55 inch90g/ 3.17 oz.MetalChrome3 pieceNoYes1
Mühle R41 TwistMuhle R41 Twist107 mm/ 4.2 inch95 mm/ 3.7 inch14.2 mm/ 0.55 inch90g/ 3.17 oz.MetalChrome2 pieceNoYes1


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  • Chrome plated finish
  • Made in Germany
  • Very light – weighing only 2.2 ounces
  • Comes with a Feather blade
  • The open comb design makes the product a great option if you have a heavier beard growth


  • Features great craftsmanship and a great design
  • Has an open comb design that helps to shave beards in fewer passes
  • Has great knurling design that helps keep the shaver from slipping


  • Slightly expensive
  • It is aggressive and not ideal for beginners

What To Expect From Muhle R41 Muhle R41 Traditional


The R41 comes in three designs to meet the needs of consumers. There is a two-piece Twist design, a 3 piece Grande and a 3 piece Traditional/conventional design. In addition to the three, there is also a version that features a traditional design but that comes with a different color handle which makes it more attractive. So if you are the kind who wants a traditional version with a slight twist to it, you will surely love the traditional Rose gold design.

Many comparison reviews have been done on the three different types of the R41. What shines brightly from all the reviews written is the fact that Twist and Grande both comes in at 90 grams (3.17 oz.) while the standard 2013 R41 is the lightest weighing in at 64 grams (2.26 oz.) You should, however, note that the two feature similar dimensions; 107mm long and 41mm wide and a handle diameter of an impressive 14mm (0.55 inch).

What is even better about the Grande version is the fact that you can actually change the product’s grip in the event you feel the knurling is not as deep as you would like to provide you with greater grip.

Ease of Loading The Blade

As stated above the Muhle R41 comes with 3 variants, the Twist, Grande, and Traditional. Both the Grande and the traditional variant feature a 3 piece design while the Twist is made to be a two piece design.

You should, however, know that courtesy of its two piece design and the fact that it is more expensive than the Traditional variant. This is the logic that should be used when making a choice between the three variants: if you have large hands and are looking for a safety razor that will be easy to assemble, then the Twist is ideal for you. Just remember you will have to part with slightly more $. On the other hand, if you could care less for the price and need a product that is easy to clean as well as assemble, then the Grande is perfect for you.

Grip Muhle R41 Twist Review

Explaining the knurling that the R41 features can prove to be slightly tricky. Here is why. From a far, the knurling looks like waves spiraling down the handle while upon closer look they seem to just line crisscrossing each other to make tiny diamond shapes on the surface of the handle. But what many people seem to agree with, is the fact that the knurling on this safety razor is not as deep and still one might experience some slipping.

The Grande and Traditional versions both feature a flat handle. The Twist comes with a protruded handle that provides slightly more grip in the event your hand slips down to the very last bit of the handle.


Many people who have used this DE safety razor in the past refer to the product as “the beast”. The original version of the R41 was more aggressive. So much so that Muhle just had to redesign the product to slightly tame the wild beast.

The open comb design that this safety razor feature is what is responsible for the aggressive nature of the Muhle R41. The open design refers to a design where the safety bar has not been made to be flat – it comes with some indentations that allow for the shaving cream to pass through while you are shaving. In addition to this, the design exposes the skin to the blade more ensuring a cleaner, closer shave in an impressive two passes.

The indentations (the open comb design) makes the razor perfect for individuals who have mastered the art of wet shaving – those who are comfortable and have total control of their hand and razor in the process. This feature still gives it the ability to tame a 5-day rough beard.


All the variants come with differing lengths which provide you the user with some room for choice and preference. The three piece Grande and Traditional design measure about the same length of 3.8 inches and 3.7 inches respectively. The Twist measures 4.2 inches which are the longest of the three.

If you have large hands and prefer a blade that has a longer handle for your comfort, you will prefer the Twist. If you have medium sized, or small hands, the Traditional or Grande will work best.

What Other Users Say

On wet shaving forums, the likes of, wet shavers have gone on record praising the open comb razor design saying that it has the ability to provide for a BBS shave on beards that have a roughness of 5 days. The fact that the open design lets the cream pass through ensures that the product does not clog up and even if it does, it is far less often than on the Merkur 34c.

On eCommerce sites, some individuals have gone on record stating that their search for a closer shave ended up settling on the R41.

At this point, it is probably necessary to issue a warning. If you are just fresh to wet shaving; if you still are learning the ropes and all, you should probably avoid the Muhle R41 since you just might end up nicking the hell out of your face.


For men that sport coarse beards or those that have sensitive skin, those who are out in search of an aggressive safety razor to get a clean look in fewer passes, the Muhle R41 will provide you with the best option. You probably should ensure that the edition you get is 2013 or later. Other editions of the product feature some features that make it slightly less aggressive or less forgiving on the skin.

The product comes in 3 variants which vary not only in weight, handle size, length, and weight but also in cost. If you love the 3 piece design, go with the Grande or the Traditional version. On the other hand, if you are looking for a 2-piece design then the Twist is perfect for you.

By the way – did you know that Muhle is also making some of the best shaving brushes available? Ok, slightly expensive, but for sure great German quality. Check out our shaving brush reviews.


Muhle R41 Safety Razor Review and Shave

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