Muhle on ‘TV2 Helps You’ Against Gillette Fusion Pro Glide

Muhle R89 was tested against Gillette Fusion Pro Glide with the Norwegian “TV2 Hjelper Deg” (“TV2 Helps You” is a consumer help- and unbiased reviews tv program).

Below is a translation from Norwegian of the main points.

The original article is found here (with video)

Gillette is the Most Expensive, But Not ‘The Best a Man Can Get’

“We test market giant against competitors which is ten times cheaper, and the result is surprising”.

Gillette’s newest model “Gillette Fusion Power ProGlide” is being put to test against the traditional razor from Mühle and the disposable razor “Dual Blade Diamond” from Rema 1000 (Norwegian grocery chain).

To determine the best razors we have found three men with different beard.

They are being shaved by a professional barber blindfolded (not the barber!) so that they do not know which razor that shaves where done with.

The razors get points on comfort during shaving and the quality of the result.

Different Expectations

All testers use Gillette’s razors at home, and two of them have the most faith in the market leader’s product.

  • I choose to believe that Gillette has spent all their money on making a good razor, so I think they are the best, says Andreas Loef before starting the test.

The last one thinks, however, that the traditional razor will get grab the victory.

  • I think the traditional razor is best. It looks better and sharper, comments Magnus Rokenes.

Surprising Result

After the shave is completed and the boys have assessed the results of their experience, the winner is clear.

The traditional razor (Mühle R89) takes away with the victory with a total of five stars.

Gillette finished second with four stars and the disposable razor even razor finished last with three stars.

The favorite Gillette did not win, this was not as Loef had expected.

  • I thought Gillette would win maybe just by a “hair”, but I’m not surprised that the traditional razor is the winner, he says when he learns the result.

Huge Differences in Price

A pack 4 count refills razors for Gillette Fusion Power ProGlide costs 217 NOK ($26 USD) on Rema1000 (currently available for around $17 on Amazon).

This is more than ten times as expensive as traditional safety razor blades (for Mühle R89 or similar types of safety razors) that cost 25 NOK ($3) for five blades (currently you can get a pack of 3 x 5 blades for around $5 at Amazon) , and disposable razors for 0.99 NOK ($0.12) per razor.

Asked about the difference in quality is enough to defend the price difference the boys in unison agree.

  • I think not at all. When I learned that traditional shaving costing as little per blade I was quite surprised, says Roekenes.
  • The disposable razor I think it’s okay to drop since the results were so bad, Loe adds.

The price is about 55 NOK ($6.64, $4.25 at Amazon) per Gillette Blade, unlike traditional blades, which costs a maximum of 5 NOK per blade ($0.6$ or currently 0.33 at Amazon).

The money you save makes it tempting to switch, the boys think.

  • I actually come to consider it, because the traditional was cheaper, it won the test and was then the best, says Kloosterman.
  • When I have worn out my Gillette, I’ll probably make a change, yes, commenting Rokenes.

Defends Price

When asked why they are so expensive, Gillette has the following to say.

  • The price of products reflects the research and development invested in them, says Gillette’s communications manager Andras Papp.

How much research that actually lies behind the products is Johan Brox, founder of and the barber shop “Dapper” skeptical about?

  • Gillette worldwide has a 70 percent market share of razors and razor blades, so they can basically set the price they want. It’s probably the simplest explanation for the price as it is, says Brox.
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