Seki Edge – Also Called Feather AS-D2 Stainless Steel DE: Probably The Best Double Edge Safety Razor on The Market Today

Seki Edge AS-D2 Feather


Before we dive into the review or you think you have landed on the wrong page: Feather AS-D2 is also called Seki Edge, they are the same razors produced at the same factory. More on this later. With that settled, let’s get to it.

One feature in common with almost all the safety DE razors in the market today is their shiny chrome finish.
The chrome looks great, especially when you first take your new razor out of the box. Sadly this beautiful finish does have an inherent weakness that often takes its toll over time. The chrome finish is a very thin layer coating the underlying metal that the razor is made from. In a warm and wet bathroom setting the finish may, after extended use, begin to chip off and possibly lose its shine.

The chrome finish is a very thin layer coating the underlying metal that the razor is made from. In a warm and wet bathroom setting the finish may, after extended use, begin to chip off and possibly lose its shine.

The main reason that chrome plated razors dominate the market comes down to price as chrome plating is an inexpensive manufacturing process. This transforms razors made from common metals that are easy to work with into objects of beauty.

A number of reasonable DE razors fall into the $20 to $40 price range and if you search hard enough prices of sub $20 are out there.

Now it is time to explain what makes the Feather so special and probably the most desirable DE Razor on the planet.

Feather stainless steel double edge razor is fabricated from 316 “marine grade” or “surgical” stainless steel, a much harder and therefore more durable metal than run of the mill razors. Stainless steel is inherently extremely resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion.

The Feather AS-D2 doesn’t try to imitate shiny chrome razors but rather sports a very classy timeless stainless steel matte finish to match the extremely high quality of this razor.

Stainless being a very hard form of steel makes it not easy to manufacture small and precision items such as razors and blades. Feather is a Japanese company that pioneered the use of cutting-edge technology to produce stainless steel razors of extremely high quality. From top to bottom, elegant, functional design through to exquisite finishing detail, nothing has been spared in creating a truly superb razor.

Obviously, all of this comes at a price that for some may be seen to be comparatively quite expensive. Sort of like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford. I know, I own a Ford!


Features of the Feather As-D2: Seki Feather As-D2

  • The original safety razor to exclusively use 316 surgical stainless steel in manufacture
  • A very practical well made 3-piece design featuring a close comb
  • Well balanced medium weight of 3.17 ounces (or around 90 grams)
  • Total length is 98 mm (3.9 inches)
  • Packaged with 5 Feather super sharp stainless steel razor blades
  • Standard length suitable for all but the largest hands.


  • Extremely well manufactured, the razor scores top marks for beauty and function
  • Stainless steel construction providing the most durable finish in the market
  • Proprietary design of the head makes alignment of the blade a breeze
  • Superb design and manufacture of the handle provides excellent balance, comfort, and grip, essential for your enjoyment of shaving
  • Suitable for all shavers; from beginner to highly experienced


  • Compared to most other razors the AS-D2 is quite expensive
  • Probably not the best choice for those that have a thick, tough beard


ModelOverall LengthHandle LengthHandle DiameterWeightMaterialFinishTypeAdjustableKnurled handleBlade included
Feather AS-D23.9 inches/ 98 mm3.5 inches/ 91 mm0.43 inches/ 11mm3.17 ounces/ 90 gramsStainless SteelMatte Stainless Steel3 Piece Closed CombNoYes5


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What Can Be Expected From This all Stainless-steel Masterpiece?

Feather is a Japanese company that started in the razor and blades business in 1932. The company has a classic history of starting in the domestic market, producing excellent products and becoming the dominant company in Japan. Based on this success the company moved on to become a major player in the international market. Their most highly recognized product is the HI-stainless steel blade. Widely recognized as the sharpest DE shaving blade available.

The reason that this razor is also referred to as Seki Edge is because Seki is a city in the Gifu Prefecture in Central Japan. Seki is famed for the manufacture of superior Samurai swords and knives. The razor is made in Feather’s factory in Seki. Hence the name.

The company is renowned for innovation and was the first manufacturer to fabricate safety razors from stainless steel. Recently other brands including Ikon OSS and Atlas Above The Tie have followed Feather’s lead. They are also making some of the best straight cut razors available such as the Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor, which is our top pick for straight razors.

The current model, AS-D2 (sounds  a bit like our small round friend from StarWars, doesn’t it?) is a new and enhanced version of the original. A quick search on the web, be it on blogs or forums or even good old Amazon, will find hundreds of extremely positive reviews.


Feather Seki AS-D2 Versions – The Perfect Gift for Christmas, Birtdays and Fathers Day

Seki Edge Gift BoxVarious suppliers have slightly different packaging, depending on the construction of the box. Ordering it on Amazon, it comes in a really exclusive burgundy gift box. There is also a version called AS-D2S that comes with a matching exquisite all stainless steel stand (including the before mentioned burgundy gift box). In all cases, you will also receive a pack of 5 Hi stainless steel blades, considered by experienced wet shavers to be of the sharpest blades available.

Satisfied users of Feather Hi stainless steel blades will be especially satisfied to switch to the Feather razor. The razor’s low blade exposure combined with the super sharp blades gives a shave so smooth you hardly even notice the blade on your skin. This combination of razor and blade, considering the quality and durability of the product, can literally provide you with a shave so enjoyable you will never need to buy another razor.

How Easy is it to Load the Blade on Seki Edge?

Feather AS- D2 is a three piece razor requiring a bit of work when loading a new blade. There is a little more time involved than with a twist to open type razor; understanding this the Japanese firm has come up with some innovative design features to ensure ease of blade alignment.

The main feature is to have four aligning posts to firmly hold the blade in the perfect shaving position as you close the top cap. Simple!


The AS-D2 will certainly never be mistaken for  being a very aggressive safety razor. Because of the distance between the blade Feather 3 Piece Closed Comband the closed comb, you can shave at a sharper angle without getting cuts or razor burns. Furthermore, the design of the head is better adapted to the jawbone, so that the transition from the chin to the neck is facilitated.

Seki Edge is, in other words, a razor that forgives an absent mind in the morning and is especially good for those with sensitive skin.

Loading your Seki with the ultra-sharp Hi stainless steel blades with providing a comfortable smooth as silk shave for all except men with extremely thick, tough beards.

There are reports suggesting using a slightly different blade angle than some other razors to get the best shave, but this is something that comes naturally for most of us. I like to think of my shaving experience as more of an art than a science!

But if you would like to have a more aggressive shave with the Feather AS-D2 while still having the comfort of its grip and the exquisite design, we have a solution to make the shaving experience more aggressive.

The Aggressiv Solution

If you have in your possession an iKon B1 Open Comb Deluxe that comes from the stables of iKon Shave Craft, you can have the perfect solution for your aggressive shaving requirements.

The iKon B1 is equipped with a Blem DLC Open Comb Base that is designed to give the user a very aggressive shave and switching the base plate of the B1 with the Feather AS-D2 can immediately transform your shaving experience. The resulting device will be a double-edged safety razor of legends.

But even without this modification, the Feather AS-D2 is a cutting-edge razor that gives you the best shave possible.


Consistent with the superb design and manufacturing of the Seki Edge DE razor the grip combines beauty and function.
The grip has a very finely made knurled design providing great grip as well as being pleasing on the eye.

Top and bottom sections of the grip sport three deeper grooves. These horizontally aligned grooves give your hand all the information needed to be able to naturally hold the razor in the perfect shaving position without giving it a thought. Balance and blade angle simply take care of themselves.

Grip length is standard suitable for all but the largest hands.

What Consumers Say

There are literally thousands of reviews on the web on the Feather AS-D2 showing the huge interest and desirability of the razor.

The overwhelming majority of reviews are extremely positive with a few users having difficulties in adjusting their shaving to a new razor using extremely sharp blades. Then, of course, there are the whiners moaning about the price.

Many shavers consider this razor to be quite mild when it comes to aggressiveness in the shave. That said, there are also a number of reviews from men who consider their beards to be thick or heavy and who are very satisfied with the the result it gives. It seems a combination of using extremely sharp blades and good technique can satisfy a very wide range of shavers.

With so many comments about the (relatively) high price of the this connoisseur item, this is obviously not the razor for everyone. When we stop and think a bit, what razor is?

Certainly, a shaver considering giving wet shaving a try may understandable wish to keep their initial investment low when learning if wet shaving is for them. There are a number of razors on the market very suitable for this.

Men looking for a beautiful, elegantly crafted, extremely durable and superbly functional DE razor are overwhelmingly extremely satisfied with the Seki Edge razor. They understand that a top quality product will inevitably have a higher price than a lower grade item and are happy to pay and get what they want. Why not “Go for it, I am worth it” and have the feeling great vibe every time you shave?

Purchasing The Seki Edge

Seki Edge Feather AS-D2S w. Stand

Seki FeatherAS-D2S with matching exquisite all stainless steel stand

This stainless steel razor may be a little difficult to find at your corner pharmacy store, but a cinch online. If you are ready to go for what could very likely be the best DE razor on the market – Amazon is a great place to pay a visit, close to 500 customer reviews to check out and a current price of $140.

Should you have a favorite online specialty shaving retail store like West Coast Shaving or Classic Shaving the price might be a little more than Amazon but these shops often offer various incentives to entice buyers.

The Final Word

If you have decided it is time for a new razor and shaving experience from what you have just read there is no doubt the Feather AS-D2 is an absolute top quality DE razor. 316 grade stainless steel provides beauty and durability in an elegant package. This razor could certainly be the last one you will need to buy.

With using the Feather HI-stainless blade and owing to the low blade exposure you can be confident of getting a BBS quality shave with minimum skin irritation.

Don’t you hate nagging doubts about should I? Or I should have? I do and what a useless energy drain!
Like they say “Just Do It!” and take your shaving experience to a higher level!!

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Feather All-Stainless Safety Razor Shave and Review

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