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The Best Shaving Brushes Designed to Improve Your Wet Shaving in 2018

Wet shaving has been around for a long time, but for some time it has dropped off the radar screen and is just recently finding its way back to the hearts of many. The on and offs with the use and popularity of this shaving technique is no reflection on its efficiency. As a matter of fact, though an old-school product, it is one of the best and most efficient shaving tools. Ask your grandfather or any man who shaved back in the day and they will definitely testify to this.

If you are looking to take up wet shaving in the 21st century, you have the opportunity to change the task of shaving into something special. However, if you intend to do it the right way, there are several tools that you will need to get a close and smooth shave. Aside from the shaving cream and razor, either a safety razor or if you want to go for the cutthroat razor, it is imperative that you get the best shaving brush as well.

Shocking right? How does this tool affect the quality of wet shaving? Well, believe it or not, it does. And many people tend to disregard this vital piece in a wet shaving kit. This page is all about shaving brushes, all the ins and outs and how you can choose the best in the market for your needs.

Let’s get to it.

The Best Shaving Brush 2018 – Our Top Picks

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Bristle TypeDrip Stand
Best Deal
Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Hair

Editors Choice
Silvertip Badger Hair

Ideal size and weight, Soft bristles, No break-in shedding period like other brushes, Great quality, Zero odor out of the boxRelatively short handle, Quite expensive
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Muhle Shaving Brush Silvertip Badger HairSilvertip Badger Hair

3-month warranty, Firm, heavy-balanced handle, Comfy-feel grip, Rich lather buildup, Zero hair odor, Great stainless finish/limited stains and rustBrush head shedding, Handle can sometimes be slick when wet, Handle shape not ergonomic enough, Somewhat of break-in period

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Edwin Jagger Best Badger

Top Pick
Best Badger Hair

Handmade, quality construction, Helps prepare your face for the closest shave possible, Comes with handy drip standTakes a bit longer to break in than some brushes
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Escali 100% Pure BadgerPure Badger Hair

100% pure badger hair, Works up a superb lather, Excellent constructionHandle is smaller than on many brushes
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Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip BadgerSilvertip Badger Hair

Silvertip badger hair bristles, Durability, Comes with a shave brush standDoes not work well with aerosol creams
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Parker 100% Pure Badger

Best Buy
Pure Badger Hair

Reasonably-priced, High-quality badger hair, Holds large water amounts, Little to zero sheddingHas brush-stand difficulties, Bigger and bulkier than it appears
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Omega Professional Boar BristleBoar Hair

Builds an excellent lather, Quality handle with good grip, Bristles get even better with timeStrong odor at the start
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Vie-Long 12705 Horse HairHorse Hair

Durability, Animal-friendly, Excellent designStrong odor (that goes away after several uses).
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Frank Shaving Pur-Tech Synthetic HairSynthetic Hair

Surprisingly soft for a synthetic brush, Solid construction, Produces a nice latherDoesn’t retain heat very well

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Frank Shaving Synthetic Hair Brush TravelSynthetic Hair

Clever design, Reasonable pricing, Perfect shape and size, Dries quite quickly, Smoothed metal parts, Soft synthetic bristles, yet flexibleSome bristles lost in use, Has softness/ density issues, Relatively poor moisture retention

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Shaving Brush

Why in the world would anyone with fingers need to use a brush? This is a concern that many of you might have. One can lather up the hair using their hands. But the question is, is this as effective as using a shaving brush?

Honestly, no. Take it from a professional at wet shaving.

Getting a quality shaving brush is one of the signs that you are taking your wet shaving seriously. But in addition to this, it also is a clear indication that you are intent on getting a close and clean shave. That said, below are some of the advantages of using this tool.

  1. First and foremost, it will help to whip air into the shaving soap or shaving cream which will help to create a richer lather
  2. It will soften as well as lift the hairs from the skin
  3. Using a shaving brush creates some bit of friction which in turn not only helps in lubricating the skin but also helps to generate enough heat to open up the pores
  4. Bristles of the brush exfoliates the skin gently and rid the face of dead skin

It is a given, wet shaving is similar to what your Grandpa did. We all agree with this. However, the finer things and moments in life have value to many of us and it is without a doubt that classic shaving is an important niche in the market.

Now that we have that of the way and you are clearly ready to purchase a top shaving brush, whether for the first time or not, there are several things that you have to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on any product.

The 5 Most Important Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Shaving Brush

1. Type

The type or kind of hair the shaving brush features is probably the most important decision that you need to make. There are our main types/ kinds of bristles that you are bound to come across. These include boar hair, badger hair, horse hair and synthetic hair.

Each of these bristle types come with their own positives and negatives. But be it as it may, as a golden rule of thumb, the boar hair is by far the most popular and easy to find in drugstores and supermarkets. Horsehair, on the other hand, is slowly increasing its popularity in the market. As its name suggests, it has been made from a horse’s mane or tail.

At this point, I feel it is important to point this out. Getting boar or badger hair means that you will have to kill the animal.

That is the price paid. As such, if you have a problem with this, then you are obviously better off buying a horse or synthetic shaving brush.

2. Price – Your Personal Budget

The best part about this piece of equipment is the fact that you will always be able to find one that will suit your budget. There are high-end ones going for $150 and affordable ones that go for only $30. Heck, there are some that can go for as low as $10. However, even with the variation in prices, you should still consider the quality of the brush.

3. Size

The shape and size of a brush is also another really important factor that one needs to consider. The dimensions are measured in millimeters. They are usually divided into 3 parts; the height, knot, and loft.

The loft refers to the length (millimeters) of hair. It is measured from the handle’s top to the ends/ tip of the hair. The Knot, on the other hand, refers to the bulk or amount of hair that is packed into a handle. The overall height adds the handle length to the loft.

Generally, the large brushes are best as they tend to lather fast and cover a large surface area as well. On the flip side, small ones tend to have a bit more control when applying lather to the face.

4. Handle Fit and Material

The handles of the brushes come in different weights as well as sizes. These variations are determined by the manufacturer. When choosing the handle size, consider the actual size of your own hand. You should grip the handle comfortably.

Handles are also made of different materials. These include horn, wood, metal and synthetic materials. The metallic handles are mostly made from brass and plated with nickel or chrome to enhance their durability. The wooden handles, on the other hand, are made from pine, ash or sycamore. As for the horn handles goes, the best and by far the most popular is the buffalo horn. This horn has lots of good attributes and has longevity.

5. Shedding of Bristles

It should not come as a shock when the brush starts to sheds some of its bristles in the first few days of use. The shedding will stop soon enough. However, you may wish to hasten this process by cleaning the brush using a shampoo or even combing it.

Later on, we shall have a more in-depth look at the brush bristles.

Before You Buy a Shaving Brush – Remember This

Our best shaving brush list is not a rating per se – it all comes down to:

  1. Your experience level with wet shaving
  2. Your skin type
  3. Your beard coarseness
  4. Your personal preferences – for instance, are you ok with using hair from animal products?
  5. And finally – your budget

All the models on this list are great choices, it is just a matter of your personal opinion and above-mentioned factors.

Top 10 Shaving Brushes Reviewed This Year

Edwin Jagger Large Silvertip

(Drip Stand Included)

Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Hair With Drip Stand – Black

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

Ever since it was established in 1988, Edwin Jagger has been a global leader and pacesetter in the distribution of luxury wet-shaving products, mostly serving the Sheffield area’s shaving market in England, with the brand’s secret to the captivating appeal being its founder and owner Neil Jagger.

Neil designs and crafts himself every single piece of wet shaving product by Edwin Jagger. He is highly meticulous to every detail, in the end producing some of the best traditional English-style pieces melded with avant-garde design. The family-owned and operated firm is dedicated to high integrity levels and the famed Sheffield craftsmanship.

Among the many badger hair brushes manufactured by Edwin Jagger, the Large Silvertip is the most acclaimed when quality-wise. Its silvertip badger hair and ebony handle are made with cutting-edge technology using succinctly-picked and crafted polyester materials. The badger hair is also natural, fine and superior-grade yet flexible. While its absorption of hot water is superior, the brush also evenly distributes it to the face to soften it and make sure your lathering and
shaving is consistent and smooth.

If you have a highly-sensitive skin or just want to experience gentle shaving, a soft and luxurious touch, as well as even lathering and a mild exfoliation, then the Large Silvertip is your ideal choice.

The brush comes with a plastic drip stand that is beautifully-packed in an Edwin Jagger box, with guidelines on how to use and care for it.

Bristle Type

  • Badger hair


  • Ideal size and weight
  • Buttery-soft bristles good in absorbing water, soap, and warmth
  • Easy, quick, full, evenly-distributed lather formation
  • Softens and lifts your beard’s hair for closer longer-lasting shave
  • No break-in shedding period like other brushes
  • With proper care, it can last a lifetime
  • Zero odor out of the box


  • A bit small for some people
  • Relatively short handle
  • Quite pricey


With Edwin Jagger as a leader in the shaving products manufacturing market, this large silvertip brush is a perfect reflection of this tradition. It is of great size and weight, and lathers well with no odor whatsoever out of the box. Definitely, a perfect buy if you don’t mind parting with over $160!



Muhle Silvertip Chrome Metal

Muhle Shaving Brush, Silvertip Badger Hair, Chrome Metal Handle

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

Headquartered in Stutzengrun, Saxony State, Germany, Hans Jurgen Muller GmbH & Co. KG owns and manages the MUHLE brand. Having been in the global shaving industry since establishment in 1945, this brand is steered by passionate experts enthusiastic about crafting top-quality products.

The German word “Muhle” means a mill or a milling machinery. The Hans Jurgen Muller pioneering family, therefore, decided to settle for the most fitting, work-related windmill design when creating their products logo.

Apart from manufacturing wet shaving products, Hans Muller also sells beauty and body care products. They are also very committed to environmental conservation and sustainability and, therefore, partner only with suppliers that uphold the same high standards.

The Muhle Silvertip uses the finest of materials in the market and is manufactured with an almost unmatchable craftsmanship. Its luxurious badger hair and huge knot size are perfect for broader and fuller strokes during the face-lathering process. What’s more, the brush’s bulbous loft also makes lathering more impactful since it helps enhance the buildup of lather in your shaving bowl.

The Muhle Silvertip has a specially-designed, galvanized chrome-plated handle that is made using a brass core before then being nickel-plated. While also very comfy in the hand, its anti-slip engravings ensure a firm grip thus safeguarding against accidental slippage.

Bristle Type

  • Badger hair


  • A 3-month warranty
  • Reasonable price for such a superior-grade brush
  • Firm, heavy-balanced handle (but not unwieldy)
  • Comfy-feel grip, size, and weight
  • Rich lather buildup yet rinses clean
  • Very soft, compact head yet with a stiff backbone to enable standing up to harder soaps
  • Tightly-knotted yet with bristles spreading/splaying nicely
  • Zero hair odor
  • Great stainless finish/limited stains and rust


  • Brush head shedding
  • Handle can sometimes be slick when wet
  • Handle shape not ergonomic enough
  • Somewhat of break-in period
  • Can be noisy if it hits side of shaving bowl


This is a great alternative for those who find the Edwin Jagger a bit expensive, though it is only slightly cheaper. Its 3-month warranty is quite appealing; its handle which comes with an amazing stainless finish is highly balanced, it gives a rich lather experience, and it has zero odor out of the box.



Edwin Jagger Best Badger

(Drip Stand Included, Ivory Imitation)

Edwin Jagger Best Badger With Drip Stand

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

The Edwin Jagger has been designed and built specifically to cater the needs of wet shavers then world over. The company was founded back in 1988. Over the years, it has gained popularity courtesy of its high-quality design and manufacturing. Its high-quality accessories have also played a big part in making this brand one of the best in the industry.

The company manufactures a brush called Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush that comes with a drip stand. This is expected since after all the company brand prides itself on manufacturing products of high quality.

Edwin Jagger makes a big chunk if not all of its shaving brushes from the Meles Meles badger hair. This is a sustainable source of the brush hair. As it has been pointed out, badger hair is one of the most common choices for shaving brush bristles. It has been the preferred choice by many companies for several centuries now. Why is this so? Well, it tends to absorb water better than all other bristle types.

When you combine this quality brush bristles with high-quality shaving soap or cream, you are guaranteed to have quality lather and subsequently the best wet-shaving experience ever.

But enough of that- let us get down to the nitty-gritty of why this shaving brush is the best in the industry.

  • The badger hair the shaving brush features has been designed to absorb hot water prior to shave. This helps you to whip up a rich and creamy lather for your wet shaving. In addition to this, badger hair brush has also been proven time and time again to provide great results when working with hard soap. This is especially advantageous to the individuals who prefer getting a closer feeling when they lather or those who have somewhat coarse hair.
  • Edwin Jagger, unlike most wet shaving brush producing companies, handmakes their product. They combine their unmatched craftsman skills with some of the most up-to-date technology in the industry to provide its consumers with the best.
  • This brush is a bit shorter than most on the market. But nonetheless, it is comfortable to hold and has great control when mixing and lathering. As a matter of fact, its size makes it a perfect travel wet shaving brush.
  • The Edwin Jagger Best Badger is designed with a drip stand. This provides a storage area in which the brush dries after use. Speaking of which, it is imperative to rinse the brush with warm, but not to hot water before hanging it to dry.

Bristle Type

  • Badger hair


  • It is handmade and is of high quality
  • Prepares the face perfectly for a close shave
  • Features a functional drip stand


  • May take a bit longer time to break in compared to other brushes


The Edwin Jagger brand has established itself as one of the trendsetting brands in the wet shaving industry. The brand has a reputation that precedes itself. It is a plus that it features a drip stand. Also available in Ebony and different sizes.


Escali 100% Pure Badger

(no Drip Stand Included)

Escali 100% Pure Badger

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

As the name suggests, the Escali is made of 100% pure badger hair. There isn’t any synthetic bristle in the brush. The pure badger hair does a great job exfoliating the skin and preventing skin irritations. If you are the kind that has sensitive skin, you will benefit greatly from this shaving brush. You, however, have to couple it with quality soap/shaving cream and razor.

While not all synthetic-made bristles cause skin irritations, they usually are weaker than the boar and badger bristles. As such, they tend to break easily. With badger hair, especially the pure kind, it is very hard to beat with regards to producing creamy and rich lather.

This particular wet shaving brush comes with several attributes that are worth pointing out. These include its budget-friendly price tag. It is common to find brushes with a lower quality compared to the Escali 100% Pure Badger costing a fortune.

The lather gotten from the Escali 100% Pure Badger is rich and best of all, does not take ages to produce. In addition to this, and like all high-quality badger hair brushes, the Escali 100% Pure Badger bristles retain water perfectly. The bristles are not only very absorbent but also really easy to rinse after use.

Also worth mentioning is the solid and well-made construction it features. It comes with a natural wood handle which fits perfectly and comfortably in the hand. and while you may lose a few bristles at first, the brush is generally designed to last long.

Bristle Type

  • Badger Hair


  • Provides a rich lather
  • Has a solid construction
  • Features 100% pure badger hair


  • The handle is far smaller compared to other brush handles


Sure, there are several badger hair brushes you ought to consider. However, the Escali 100% Pure Badger Brush is (in my opinion) a cut above the rest.



Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle

(Drip Stand Included)

Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle With Stand

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

Parker is yet another brand that has earned itself a solid reputation over the years. It has made it its business to provide only quality shaving brushes to its consumers. Of its list of shaving brushes, the 100% Silvertip Bristle is the best of all.

It has been designed by probably the best bristle material on the market. The brush bristles have an extremely soft feel and are better than many of the brushes that have a high price tag. While it is not the cheapest in the stores, it is considerable lowly priced in comparison. The bristles can retain lots of water making it easy to create superior lather.

At the top, the bristles have a light color. They also come with a clear black band that stands out. In comparison to other competitors, they feature reduced break-in time. And while they are soft, they are incredibly tough and resilient to wear and tear. It will be years before you think of buying a replacement.

Like many high-quality models, the Parker 100% Silvertip features excellent exfoliating abilities. In addition to this, it is perfect for sensitive skin courtesy to its soft bristles. It is common for shaving brushes to shed during their first use. The Parker Silvertip is no exception. However, is shed rate is low.

The Parker 100& Silvertip Badger Bristle Brush is handmade. The quality of this brush is renowned and can be felt when held in the palm of your hand. The handle proves comfortable with regards to its length. It is not too long nor too short.

Another cause why the Parke Silvertip has grown in popularity is its chrome shaving brush stand. This provides for excellent storage and drying. Those who have had the luxury of using this brush have given it positive reviews. They also have recorded that the brush is slightly loose closer to the handle. This makes it not perfect for aerosol creams. This is because some of the creams will get stuck in the brushes bristles and therefore may never get to your face.

But then again, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a high-quality shaving brush and skimp on the shaving cream. For a great wet shaving experience, purpose to get a high-quality shaving kit.

Bristle Type

  • Badger hair


  • Longevity
  • Ships with a chrome brush stand
  • Has badger hair bristles


  • It does not work well with aerosol shaving creams (but who uses that when you are using a shaving brush anyway?)


The Parker 100% Silvertip Bristle Shaving Brush is one of the products that represent the best wet-shaving products on the market. You will absolutely love its soft bristles and the overall durability.


Best Budget Shaving Brush

Parker Pure Badger

(Drip Stand Included)

Parker Safety Razor "Long Loft" 100% Pure Badger Bristle with Ebony Handle & Free Stand

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

This superior quality brush uses pure badger material in a relatively wide and plush bristle head. This feature allows it to hold lots of water and produce a great lather buildup to give you a comforting shave experience in no time.

When you buy this brush, you get a free drip/brush stand that enables the brush to get dry faster and preserve the bristles for longer. With its avant-garde horn handle, the brush stands out due to the classy look.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • High-quality badger hair
  • Holds large water amounts
  • Has little to zero shedding


  • Has brush-stand difficulties
  • Bigger and bulkier than it appears


Apart from its top-quality safety razors, Parker also makes decent shaving brushes, with this pure badger being the perfect proof of that. The brush’s badger bristles are prime quality with good water retention capabilities and good lathering. With an affordable pricing of $30 or below, the Parker Pure Badger is a great budget option for your shaving brush needs.


Omega Professional Boar Bristle

(no Drip Stand Included)

Omega Professional Boar Bristle

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

Omega started its operations back in 1931. It has over the years climbed to the top of the ladder and is now considered one of the best brush manufacturers in the world. The brushes produced by this company are not just of high quality but they are also reasonably priced. They are without a doubt worth every dime a consumer spends on it.

This shaving brush has been made from natural boar hair. It features a black handle made of resin that is almost similar in length to its loft. This makes it one of the biggest handles available on the market. Sure the resin handle has got nothing on the premium wooden handles other brushes feature, but nonetheless, the handle’s quality is undisputed. The grip is great and superior to other handles.

As is the case with the boar bristles, the Omega Professional does take some time to break in. But on the flip side, the more the bristles are used, the better they become. Compared to other boar bristled brushes, the Omega Professional bristles are softer.

The bristles will provide you with superior lather which covers the area intended to shave with great ease. They are great in exfoliating and in getting rid of the dead skin cells. They will leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

The Omega Professional is affordable. At its price and even higher, there are very few if any brushes that and match its high quality. That said, this review would be incomplete if we did not mention the strong odor the Omega Professional features. The odor, however, vanishes with time as you continue to use the brush.

Bristle Type

  • Boar Hair


  • Creates excellently rich and creamy lather
  • The handle is of high-quality and has a great grip
  • The bristles improve with use and time


  • It has a strong odor when first unpackaged


The Omega Professional is by far the best shaving brush with boar bristles available on the market. You will absolutely love the lather it creates and the effects it leaves on your skin after shaving. Even better, it comes with a price tag that will not break your bank.



Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair

(no Drip Stand Included)

Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

The Vie-Long is a Spanish shaving company. It is one of the dominant brands that provide horse hair shaving brushes. All other brands follow suit at a distance. The Vie-Long features a great line of shaving brushes. The 12705 is by far the best they have available.

Now, horse hair is a perfect alternative for individuals who cannot stand the thought of killing an animal for personal gain as is the case with boar and badger brushes. But even then, these same individuals still want a rich and creamy lather that can only be achieved with a shaving brush.

Those who decide to turn to hose hair brushes because of their concern of harming the animals are usually astonished by the quality of the brush bristles. The horsehair proves to be strong as one would expect and the brush can last for a considerably long time when it is accorded proper care and maintenance. As though that is not enough, the brushes are soft at the tips and really helps to produce a rich lather.

Those consumers who have used both horse hair and badger hair shaving brush greatly commend the quality of horse hairs. This is a big plus for the horsehair brushes.

It is also worth pointing out that the Vie-Long 12705 experiences a reduced amount of shedding. This as such, helps to extend the life-span of the shaving brushes.

The Vie-Long 12705 looks great right-out-of-the-box. This is courtesy of the red acrylic handle which compliments the overall beautiful design. The Vie-Long 12705 brush features a square shape and the handle is easier to hold while you shave.

The Vie-Long 12705 brush works great with all kinds of shaving creams and soaps. It, however, specifically excels with the harder kinds of shaving soaps.

Bristle Type

  • Horse Hair


  • Animal-friendly
  • Durability
  • Excellent and well functioning design


  • Comes with a strong odor. This, however, will go away after a couple of uses


The Vie-Long 12705 is the perfect choice for individuals who cannot bear the thought of killing a badger or a boar for personal gain. It also is a great alternative to synthetic brush bristles. It proves durable and creates a high-quality lather that is highly desirable.



Frank Shaving Pur-Tech Synthetic Hair

(Drip Stand Included)

Frank Shaving Pur-Tech Synthetic Hair

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

Synthetic shaving brushes have grown in popularity in the recent years. With synthetic brushes, however, there are several factors that you need to consider.

  • First and foremost, the synthetic brushes are a great alternative to the shaving brushes that are made from animal hair. They are such considered to be ‘animal-friendly’.
  • The quality of the synthetic models, when compared to those of their animal hair brush counterparts, raises lots of debate. Individuals on different camps support their brushes to the death. But generally, synthetic ones usually do not command great respect in the wet shaving industry like the animal hair brushes do. This is probably because they do not feel natural despite the manufacturer’s efforts to make them feel like so.
  • With all that being said, a high-quality synthetic brush will provide you with a rich lather. It is for this reason that you ought to purchase a premium synthetic shaving brush. At the very top of the list of premium synthetic models, is the high-quality Frank Shaving Pur-Tech Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush. This is by far the best one in this segment of the market.

The very first thing you are bound to notice when you handle the Frank shaving’s signature synthetic brush is the soft bristles. Many consumers who have had the opportunity to review this synthetic brush as shocked at how soft the bristles feel. They almost are like the animal hair brushes. They are not bristly as many expect them to be.

The Pur-Tech brush is designed to be sturdy. It features a black handle that has a comfortable fit despite your hand size. It performs great with shaving soaps since it requires a great deal of water. In addition to this, it also works well with the shaving creams as well.

The fact that synthetic brushes require slightly more water compared to animal brushes means that compared to animal brushes, they require a shorter soaking time prior to whipping up a rich lather. All you need to do with synthetic brushes is wet them and get on with the wet shaving.

The Frank Shaving Pur-Tech brush in addition to providing quality lather also spreads it evenly over the face. The bristles spread the perfect amount of shaving cream and soap on the face providing a decent amount of shaving foundation. With this, the skin, in the end, feels soft.

The Pur-Tech synthetic brush does not come cheap. It costs about $30. However, compared to other shaving brushes, it cannot be categorized with the expensive brushes either. But considering the fact that the brush comes with a drip stand, the price is understandable.

Frank Shaving is a company that has built a name for itself over the years. While it produces this high-quality synthetic brush, it also is known for producing boar and badger hair brushes. Needless to say, they are committed to producing quality and cost-effective products.

Bristle Type

  • Synthetic


  • Solid construction
  • Creates quality lather
  • It is surprisingly soft


  • It does not retain heat very well


If you love synthetic products, then you will love this brush. It has a solid construction and is softer than most synthetics. It provides a luxurious lather which can rival the quality provided by animal hair brushes.


Best Travel Brush

Frank Shaving (FS) Travel Synthetic

FS Synthetic Hair Brush Travel Chrome Aluminum Case 20 mm knot by Frank Shaving

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

This brush is manufactured using synthetic hair that is as soft as animal hair and similar, yet it is relatively smaller and easier to use, take care of and travel with. This is made possible by its smaller loft, unlike the girths of bigger and unwieldy shaving brushes that are made of natural hair.

The FS Travel Synthetic Shaving Brush lathers well and easily dries because of its synthetic fibers. Its storage is also simple, being easily positionable and locked inside the sturdy metal container that comes with it.

Although with a smooth and comfy-to-hold handle, the brush can slip rather easily when moist. You can, therefore, apply some alum on your fingers to make the handle sticky and avoid accidental slippage.

The bristles of the FS Travel Synthetic Brush may not be as good as natural ones at holding moisture but it dries out quickly for and storage when traveling.

Bristle Type

  • Synthetic


  • Clever design
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Perfect shape and size
  • Dries quite quickly
  • Smoothed metal parts
  • Soft synthetic bristles, yet flexible


  • Some bristles lost in use
  • Has softness, density issues
  • Relatively poor moisture retention


The FS Travel Synthetic Brush is a great alternative for frequent travelers due to its compact design and simple synthetic fiber bristles that dries fast to enable storage. The brush costs only $30 or lower so can be a great cost-efficient option.


5 Easy Steps on How to Use the Shaving Brush

Using a brush for wet shaving is not a complicated thing. Sure it can be slightly difficult to get a hang of, but it is not something that will have you thinking of quitting. There are some techniques that are involved in using a brush and that guarantee a great wet shaving result.

Here Are the Steps

1. Prepare the Bowl And Brush

Get a bowl or a mug. There are some that have been specifically designed for wet-shaving if you, however, do not have these specific ones, a normal mug/bowl will work just fine. Fill the bowl/mug with some hot water. The water should not be boiling, warm will work perfectly.

Dip the shaving brush in the water and ensure the entire length of the bristles is under water. Allow it to soak for several minutes.

You can be doing something else during this time, probably taking a shower. Soaking softens the bristles all the more and makes the lathering process a breeze.

2. Drain Some Water

After the brush has soaked in water for a while, you should raise it from the water and drain the bristles of the excess water. You just need to squeeze it slightly, applying just enough pressure that your brush is not dripping water but still is very moist.

3. Build the Lather

Now it is time to lather up. The process you will use will depend on whether you are using soap or shaving cream.

  • With Shaving Cream

If you are using shaving cream, there are several ways in which you can build the lather. First, you need to put some cream in a shaving bowl (it can be the same one you used to soak the brush) and add some drops of water. Mix the shaving cream with your brush until you get the thickness and the texture you are looking for.

It is important to remember that you are looking to have just the right amount of water and air mixed into the cream to form the lather. You will know when the lather is good for use as it will be cream and rich as opposed to being foamy. The process of building a great lather takes about a minute or so depending on your skill in the technique, the brush you use as well as the shaving cream used.

The other technique you could employ is applying some bit of shaving cream to a cavity in the hairbrush. You can make this cavity in the bristle by pushing down on the shaving brush.

While the latter process is faster, you should note that it still is a great idea to mix the cream in a bowl before you apply it to the brush.

  • Using Soap

Add a small amount of shaving soap in a bowl and add a small amount (think drops) of water onto the soap it to moisten it. Swirl the brush on the soap for a bit until it contains a sufficient amount of the soap.

4. Lather Your Face Using the Shaving Brush

Now, this is the fun part. Or at least the fun is starting. Apply the lather on your face generously using the shaving brush

When doing this, you should ensure that your skin on your face is wet before you lather it up. It is best to shave after you have taken a shower since then the facial hairs are softer and are more pliable to the effects of your razor.

The best motions to use are swirls. You do not need to use a lot of pressure on the face but just enough to lather the face and still exfoliate.

After you have covered the desired area with the lather, use up and down motions to smoothen the cream on your face.

This will provide you with a nice and slick shaving surface.

5. Reapply the Lather

After you have had at least one pass over your face with your preferred razor, it is important that you lather up again. The initial lather usually goes with the hair shaved. The lathering process should be the same as described in the above process. This step will ensure that you get a close, smooth shave.

While shaving, you should ensure that the cream or soap you use does not dry up. As such, keep applying a little water as needed to keep it moist for the shaving process.

So Which Is Better, Your Hand or a Shaving Brush?

If you are one of those men who is wondering why one should go through all this process while they can still use their hand, you are not alone.

For a long time, men have been using their hands to lather and their fingertips to apply the lather to their faces. This is not something that is about to change overnight.

True, using your hand to lather up is a simple process. After all, you do not have to warm water, soak the brush and follow the five-step technique explained above. In addition, with palm lathering and when using dense creams, you do not have to worry about the cream sticking to the edge of your shaving bowl rather than your shaving brush.

Some men may argue that it is the simple and easy things in life that prove to be much more satisfying than the complicated processes. While this might be true to other processes, but it does not hold true in the shaving process. How is that?

Well, shaving brushes are good for the skin. When you apply lather to the face using a brush, you also be exfoliating the skin and getting rid of the dead and dry skin cells Shaving brushes also help in raising hair and making them softer for shaving and last but not least, with a bowl and brush, you get a richer higher quality lather.

The Difference Between Shaving Brush Types

I promised to get back to this, and here we are. Without beating around the bush, let’s get into it.

Boar Hair Brushes

These are by far the most affordable and common shaving brush type in today’s wet shaving market. Also referred to as natural and pure bristle. With regards to their price, they are comparable to the synthetic brushes.

Their most common drawback is the fact that the bristles tend to be harder and more given to breakage. In addition to this, they do not retain water like other brushes do.
With prolonged use, they do get softer.

Badger Hair Brush

  • Pure Badger Hair

These are the bottom of the badger hair heap in terms of quality. The good news is they are the bottom of the price range as well. They feature a dark brown color and are derived from the belly of a badger. Their low price does not mean they are completely undesirable. As a matter of fact, they do feature softer bristles.

  • Best Badger Hair

These are a grade higher to the pure badger hair. The brushes made from this hair type are longer and the bristles have a lighter color. The softness is perfect.

  • Super Badger Hair

The bristles are very soft – softer than those of the above-mentioned types.

  • Silvertip Badger Hair

This is the best badger hair type and is taken from the neck area of a badger. The hair in this part of the neck is especially soft. It is, however, harder to find as it only grows on the badgers during winter. Many of these cost $100+.

Horsehair Brushes

These are probably the hardest to find except in Spain where they are actually a preferred this type. Softness is considered to be between that of boar and badger hair. While there are some parts of the bristles that are hard and stiffer than other hairs, the tips are impressively soft.

Synthetic Brushes

It has been a long journey for synthetic brushes to get to where they are today. Most who prefer synthetic versions are after a brush that is not expensive and that an animal did not have to die for them to have it.

While most of the issues with the synthetic shaving brush have been handles over the years, some still say that they are not great in holding lather in comparison to the other brushes. Also, the synthetic models tend to be a bit stiffer than all other brush hairs.

If you want to know more about shaving brushes, check out our in-depth shaving brush article here.

How We Pick the Best Shaving Brushes

There are several factors that I put into perspective when reviewing the items on this list. But for me, the most important of them all is the type of bristle it features. This is the number one way of determining the quality of a shaving brush. While badger brushes take the lead in this, I also wanted to consider other popular brushes that feature different bristles for purposes of diversity.

When considering the value of brushes, we have done our best to find a perfect balance between the between quality and price. Not all expensive brushes made the list simply because their quality and price did not complement each other.

We also considered the construction of the shaving brushes. With regards to this, I zeroed in on the handle of the brush. If the brush is not comfortable to hold, then there are high chances it will be uncomfortable while shaving as well.

Last but not least, we spent a great deal of time reading through reviews of the products. I did my due diligence and sifted through quite a pile of reviews to help ensure that the list is a compilation of nothing but the best.

But as I stated in the beginning of the article this list not a ranking list per se – as in most cases it all comes down to your personal opinion based on 5 factors:

  1. Experience level
  2. Skin type
  3. Coarseness of your beard
  4. Personal preferences
  5. Budget


Hopefully, you have found this review helpful in your shaving brush purchase process and the information provided has been informative and assists in making your choice the correct one.

Happing Shaving!

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