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Best Shaving Soaps for For Effective Wet Shaving

Many things that had gone out of style are slowly coming back. These pertain to music, cars, clothes and now, shaving. Yes, there is nothing wrong with wanting to shave like your grandfather or great-grandfather used to. We are big boys and make our own choices.

One of the tools that were handy to our forefathers in their clean shaving endeavors is shaving soap. Yes, sure, most people today probably think of shaving creams when they are looking to boost their daily shave. However, there is also the option of shaving soap. And believe it or not, unlike shaving cream, shaving soap has been around for centuries.

Now you probably are tempted to think that since it has been around for such a long time, it is not as effective as the modern solution – shaving cream. But on the contrary, shaving soap is as effective as it gets. It works to facilitate a clean and smooth shave without a lot of hassle.

In this post, we review some of the best shaving soaps that are still in production. At the very top of the list is Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap.

But before we get our heads deep in the review, here are some factors to consider when shopping for the best shave soap available today.

Awards/ Rating/ Value
Container Size
Country Of Origin
Best Deal
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap
Editors Choice
3.5 oz/ 100 gSandalwoodEnglandMasculine scent, Rich lather, Great quality, Refill availableSlightly expensive
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Proraso Shaving Soap For Sensitive SkinTop Pick
Best Shaving Cream For Men With Sensitive Skin
5.2 oz/ 150 gGreen tea/ OatItalyMild pleasant scent, Great for sensitive skin, All natural ingredientsLather could be a bit thicker

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RazoRock XXX4.2 FL oz/ 125 mlTraditional ItalianItalySlick, Great hydration and lubrication, Easy to load, Natural ingredientsA bit expensive

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Colonel Conk World Famous Shaving Soap2.25 oz/ 64 gBay RumUSAVegan friendly, Rich lather, Moisturizes skinTakes a bit practice to produce rich lather
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Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap With Shea Butter3.8 oz/ 107 gMild/ NaturalUSARich and thick lather, distinct and pleasant scent, Moisturizes skinSlightly expensive
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D.R. Harris Shaving Soap3.5 oz/ 100 gVarious (Almond, Mahogany etc)EnglandRich lather, Perfect slickness, Easy to load, Great variety of scentsExpensive
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Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Scented SoapBest Buy
3 packs of 3.5 oz/ 3 packs of 100 gMildUSABudget friendly, excellent scent, Lathers quicklySoap is slick
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The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap4 oz/ 114SmolderUSAHandmade, Distinct aroma,Consistency of its lather tends to not be exactly same
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Soap Commander Shaving Soap6 oz/ 170 gVarious scent optionsUSAWide range of scent options, slick and rich lather, Big container, Great for sensitive skinNeeds some time to soften, Takes a long time to load
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Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Shaving Soap

While we shall provide a review list of some of the best shaving soap available, it is also essential that you have a solid understanding of how we arrived at these soaps as being the best. Having knowledge of these factors will also make you one of the savviest shoppers. Being bombarded with lots of options from different brands will not faze you; you will be able to effortlessly pick out the best shaving soap from the sea of shaving soaps.

So before you proceed to the store, here are some factors you should be aware of.

1. Types

By types, we refer to the process that manufacturers use to produce the soap.

  • Triple-Milled

This process of making shaving soap involves grating the final soap product. The grating is followed by melting and then pressing it into a bar or puck. If you do not have the time, or you just do not like the idea of getting your hands dirty by grating the soap yourself, you will be pleased that some companies use some specialized machines to triple mill the soap they distribute to their clients.

But why is triple milling soap an important process of soap making?
The answer is in the moisture levels. When the soap has less water, it is milder and of higher quality. Sure there is always the option of curing the soap for ages to evaporate the water out from the soap, but this is a time-consuming process.

Triple-milling is fast. Additionally, this process mainly produces a hard soap which tends to last way longer than soft soaps do.

  • Semi-hard

As its name suggests, the soap is slightly softer than triple milled soaps but is still harder than croap’s which when compared to semi-hard soaps, do not last long.

  • Croap

This is a soft, even creamy soap. The term ‘croap’ is a combination of creamy and soap. It is the softest of all shaving soaps as it contains a lot of moisture compared to other soap types.

2. Ingredients

Before you invest your hard earned cash in any product, it is important that you pay close attention to the various shaving products. Shaving soaps are not an exception. For the most part, shaving soaps are oil, glycerin or tallow-based.

  • Tallow-based – these soaps are more traditional and are favored by old-school shavers. These soaps are animal fat based. Over the years, individuals thought of tallow soaps of being superior in quality to other soaps. But slowly, this notion is changing.
  • Oil-based – these soaps have been made using oils including palm, argan, coconut and olive oil. These oils and therefore the soaps are vegan-friendly. They are the perfect solid alternative to tallow based soaps.
  • Glycerin based – these have been gaining popularity over the years. They are considered to be gentle on the skin compared to oil and tallow-based soaps. For the shavers that have sensitive skin, this type of shave soap is best.

Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, another ingredient included in most shaving soaps is the fragrance. This can either be synthetic or natural. Blending some essential oils is one of the best ways manufacturers have devised to provide natural scents.

3. Ease of Use

With regards to ease of use, there are several factors that you ought to consider. These factors include the ease of loading the soap onto the shaving brush and just how fast the soap lathers and still provides excellent moisture and slickness required to ensure a good close shave.

While you can use your hand to lather the soap, it is better to use a shaving brush to make the application. Additionally, you will find it easier to create the lather in a shaving bowl.

Another merit of using a shaving brush for the application process is the fact that the brush will tend to lift hair off the face and help in facilitating a clean and close shave. The brush also lubricates the skin and softens the facial hair.

Most of the shaving brushes available are made from boar hair, badger hair, synthetic fibers or horse hairs.

4. Scent

Some individuals love scented soaps while others prefer their soap with no fragrance. The fragrance is, for the most part, a personal preference. Most of the shaving soaps available, however, are unscented. And those that are scented are only mildly scented such that the fragrance does not last through the day.

Most manufacturers derive their scent from natural essential oils. There are however some synthetic soaps that feature alcohol. If you have irritable or sensitive skin, you will want to stay away from alcohol-based scents.

5. Slickness and Cushioning

If you are just starting your journey on old-school shaving, you should take note of these two terms – you will come across them often. Cushioning refers to the ability of the soap to allow the razor head to float on the skin thus avoiding cuts, nicks and razor burns.

Slickness, on the other hand, refers to the layer of lather that remains on the skin and that helps to prevent friction. The higher the slickness of your shaving soap, the more comfortable your shave will be.

6. Price

Truth be told, regardless of what you are planning on buying, the price will always be a factor to consider. Sure the cost of the shaving soap is not as significant as other products necessary for a clean and close shave, but all the same, it is an important factor. Generally, most soaps range between $5 and $25. You can expect your shaving soap to last several months regardless of the price.

Best Shaving Soap in 2018

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap in a Wooden Bowl, 3.5 oz

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This brand was started back in 1854 in London. Over the years, it has grown in popularity, reputation and excellence.

Their best shaving soap, the Sandalwood shaving soap is of a quality very few if any, shaving soap alternatives can match.

There is so much that draws someone in; from its sandalwood scent to its smooth consistency and the shaving bowl it comes with. Here is an in-depth review.

  1. Texture

As pointed out above, Sandalwood features a feel and consistency that most soaps and creams envy. It feels like lotion in the hand. Other shaving soaps are thin, however, this soap is thick and forms a perfect foundation for the blade to glide over your cheeks smoothly and with ease.

This soap comes oozing with essential oils which work to soften the beard and the skin as well as provide perfect lubrication.

  1. Scent

Sandalwood has created a reputation for itself as a manly scent with some earthy tones laced with cedar. The company also threw in some rosemary, jasmine, lavender and rose to provide it with a unique smell. In all honesty, and this is probably a good thing for most, it is not a shaving cream you can share with your girlfriend or wife.

  1. Ingredients

One of the main ingredients in this product is glycerin. Glycerin is a natural sugar alcohol that is contained in most lotions. In combination with palm oil, these components help to make this soap a classic and superior to other shaving soaps available.

  1. Shaving Bowl

The shaving soap is packaged in a reusable shaving bowl (wooden). This bowl enables you to save water. The addition of the shaving bowl is yet another example of this product’s class and elegance.

  1. Long-term investment

You will notice that this shaving soap fetches a slightly higher price than most shaving soaps. While this may cause some to shy away from its purchase, you should note that it of high quality and will last longer. A small amount will provide you with all the lather you need.


  • Masculine Scent
  • Rich lather with a thick lotion like consistency
  • Superior quality
  • Can be refilled using the Sandalwood Refill Soap


  • Slightly expensive compared to other competitors


Most shaving soap reviews contain Taylor Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Soap at the top of their list – and for good and obvious reasons. It is a high-quality product, provided by a company that is known for its consistency. If you take your wet shaving seriously, you have to give it a try.




Proraso Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin

Proraso Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

It seems to be a common belief among the millennials that shaving is a boring process. So much so that there are even months dedicated to letting beards grow thick and wild (see #noshavenovember). But contrary to these beliefs, for those who have actually tried, shaving is actually an enjoyable and luxurious process. You, however, need to have the best tools in hand which means getting the best shaving creams, razors and shaving soaps. For those with sensitive skin this is even more important, even essential for good results.

We have gone through the best razors on other posts, so we shall not get into the details of that here. Rather let’s have a look at the best shaving soap. Of the many shaving creams available on the market, Proraso’s Shaving Soap is perfect for sensitive skin. It helps men shave without getting skin irritation and razor burns.

Proraso is designed using green tea and oatmeal which contribute to its gentle nature making it perfect for sensitive skin. These ingredients will protect and soothe sensitive skin. Additionally, it is known to produce a rich and creamy lather designed to soften the skin and provides perfect lubrication for the skin. The razor glides over the skin with great ease.

Proraso Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin is produced the traditional way and matures in a pan for 10 days after cooking so that it becomes even more concentrated.

Proraso, the company, is located in Italy. It has been producing premium shaving products for a long time (since 1948). It has grown to be one of the leading brands available. Products from this company include all natural ingredients such as natural oils and botanical extracts which work well to prevent skin irritation.

It is also worth noting that the products are paraben free. This, in the shaving cream industry, is a huge plus. Additionally, it is free of SLS and mineral oils which gradually leech natural oils from the skin.
Most men have gone on record to comment about the scent of this shaving soap. It has a hint of apple and lime which is manly and attractive a well. Unlike other shaving soap, it is not overpowering and neither is it too citrusy.


  • It is mild and with a pleasant scent
  • It is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin
  • The ingredients are natural(no alcohol, no paraben, no silicone, no mineral oils, no artificial coloring)


  • Some reviewers and users state that the lather could be richer and thicker


If your skin is sensitive, you are aware of how daunting and challenging shaving can be without the proper tools in hand. Lucky for you, if you combine this Proraso shaving soap with the best blades and razors, your experience will one of smooth pleasure.



RazoRock XXX

RazoRock XXX Shaving Soap

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This is a high-quality shaving soap with its roots in Italy. The soap is made using the Super Tallow recipe. This is a new recipe which includes aloe vera, shea butter, lanolin, argan oil, and tallow. All the listed ingredients are key to making the RazoRock XXX the functional shaving soap that it is.

The ingredients contribute to the moisturizing properties of the soap even after the shaving is complete. As such, when using this soap, you can save on aftershave – you will not need to buy one.

Its soft consistency (softer than most shaving soaps) makes it easier to load. Additionally, it also means that you do not need a lot of the soap to whip up a rich lather.

The scent of this Italian shaving soap is described by most men as a traditional Italian. This scent is inspired by Acqua di Parma. This manly scent also has hints of lemon, bergamot and orange scents complimented with the earthy scents.


  • The shaving soap is slick
  • It has great hydration and lubrication properties
  • It is easier to load compared to other shaving soaps
  • It features natural ingredients which are responsible for its moisturizing properties


  • The scent depends on personal preference
  • The price is slightly more costly than some other shaving soaps

If there be any good reason why you should purchase an artisan product, it should be for its high-quality list of ingredients. This product features the so-called high-quality ingredients. Its rich lather is a testament to this.

There are videos available to give you an idea of how well this product performs. The video below will put all your doubts to rest.

The lather this shaving soap provides will allow you to shave closer to the skin with a sharp blade without nicking or cutting yourself. You will not have to go against the grain to achieve the much desired close shave.


This shaving soap is a great option for the men who are looking for a high quality and slick soap that will ensure they get a close shave without nicking themselves. It is a croap soap and will as such take several seconds to load – say about 30 seconds.




Col. Conk World Famous Glycerine Shave Soap

Colonel Conk World Famous Shaving Soap

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this shaving soap, let us have a look at the scent (Bay Rum). This scent has been the go-to scent for most men for what seems like forever. In history, we read that sailors used to rub the bar tree leaves on their bodies to mask their open-sea scent. Upon setting foot on land, they would smell fresh and welcoming to their families and lovers. This was way back in the 1500s.

While men of the 21st century are more sophisticated and cannot rub the leaves directly on their bodies, they still make use of the scent of these leaves extract well known as Bay Rum scent. The scent is masculine, spicy but with a tinge of vanilla and citrus.

The scent will stick with you like glue all day long. And the best part is that it is mild and does not overpower your family, friends and colleagues. You will love it, and the ladies will LOVE it too.
It is also worth noting that the Bay Rum scent has been the preferred choice of most barbershops around the world. Shaving with the Col. Conk’s soap which features this scent will help you be right in the middle of the shaving tradition.

The Col. Conk Shave soap is made with vitamin E, glycerin and Avocado oil. Oil extracted from avocados is a great natural moisturizer. It soothes and smooths the skin giving it a mild glow. Avocado oil is one of the main ingredients in most moisturizers. In addition, it is perfect for getting rid of acne and blackheads. Any inflammation around the blackheads and acne are also taken care of.

The shaving soap also includes Vitamin E which has a wonderful moisturizing quality. Additionally, it has antioxidant properties that help to protect your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties play a big role in ensuring that the inflammation and redness reduces. These features make the soap perfect for sensitive skin.

In other articles, we have gone through the presence of glycerin in both shaving soaps and creams. It is one element that these products cannot afford to lack. Glycerin is either animal or plant-based. Whichever the source, you can rest assured that it is safe and beneficial to your skin. The glycerin contained in the Col. Conk’s Shaving Soap is plant-based and will keep the animal lovers out there pleased. The glycerin works to improve the smoothness of the skin and moisturizes it in the process.
Another fact you will love about this shaving soap is that it produces a rich lather. You can create this lather using a shaving soap bowl and a shaving brush.


  • It is vegan-friendly
  • It forms a rich lather
  • It moisturizes the skin


  • If you are using this soap for the very first time, you might have some difficulty whipping up a rich, thick lather. Expert wet shavers do not have this problem.


The Col. Conk Shaving Soap is one of the best there is. It has a rich lather and a pleasant scent that has stood the test of time. With this soap, you can easily take your shaving experience to the next level.




Henry Cavendish Himalaya with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap With Shea Butter

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The brand name has an old-soul feel to it. It is impossible to read the name out without thinking of shaving scenario with a razor, a mug and a shaving brush. The manufacturer of this product even insists that one uses a bowl and shaving brush to land the desired results when using this soap.

If you are a firm believer in high quality goes hand in hand with retro standards, then the Henry Cavendish’s Classic shave soap is the perfect choice for you. The quality of this shaving soap is made possible by the list of ingredients it contains.

At the very top of the list of its ingredients is glycerin. As earlier pointed out, glycerin is present in moisturizing creams as well as Shea butter. It works to replenish, revitalize and moisturize the skin. This soap is bound to give your skin a smooth feel.

And not only are you going to get a smooth shave, you also will work up a thick, rich and creamy lather. This will help to soften your coarse beard and help to ensure that the razor glides over the skin smoothly.

If you love scented shaving, you will fall in love with this shaving soap. It features perfume oil fragrance. This scent is natural, refreshing and light. It does not overpower those close to you or advertise your arrival before you physically enter a room.

The Henry Cavendish shaving soap comes highly concentrated and is bound to last longer in comparison to most other shaving soaps in the market. The natural ingredients that it sports make it the best for sensitive skin. The product does not contain any harmful additives or chemicals.


  • It has a rich and thick lather
  • It has a distinct and pleasant smell
  • It acts as a great moisturizing soap


  • It is slightly expensive compared to other products of its size


This shaving soap is a must-have on any review of shaving soaps. It is great for sensitive skin, it lasts long and smells great.




D.R. Harris Shaving Soap

D.R. Harris Shaving Soap

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This is by far one of the oldest brands available in the wet shaving industry. The company was formed back in the late 1700s. Needless to say, the company has centuries of experience in producing high-quality shaving soaps. In the modern times, this brand of soap may just be the last standing old school shaving soap containing tallow.

This product comes in different scents designed to suit the varying needs of men. These variations include;

  • Almond – this is a combination of a warm woodsy scent with that almond fragrance
  • Arlington – this is a mixture of fern and citrus
  • Marlborough – this is a mixture of cedar and fern. Though some individuals describe this scent as being tobacco like
    Windsor – most men describe this scent as being citrusy and leathery with just the perfect tinge or pepper, vetiver, and patchouli

The reason why this soap stands out from the crowd is possibly courtesy of its ease of loading despite it being a hard soap.

With this soap, you are bound to save a lot of time. Unlike most triple milled soaps, this shaving soap does not require soaking.

The lather this soap produces is luxurious, thick and rich. It is slick and also a great post shave soap. Long story short, this shaving soap contains all the characteristics you would need in a shaving soap. These characteristics, however, do come at a price.


  • It has a rich lather and has perfect slickness
  • It is easy to load
  • The shaving soap features a great variety of scents to cater to the difference in preference
  • Its slickness allows a close shave even when using a sharp blade


  • It is expensive


This shaving soap brand is one of the very last that still produces tallow based soaps. The performance is through the roof owing to the tallow and stearic acid it contains. It is designed to be easy to load. Additionally, it features a luxurious lather that is slick. This, however, comes at a cost.




Vander Hagen Luxury Scented Soap

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Scented Soap

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When choosing the best shaving soap, scent is not the most critical factor to consider, though it does have some bearing as to how great you feel and smell after the shave. Instead and at the very top of the list is how well the soap lathers and the lubrication it provides. These factors and properties will provide you with the best-wet shaving experience.

If you do come across a soap that provides a thick and rich lather, has great lubrication and smells terrific, it is certainly worth a good look. Luckily for you, the Van Der Hagen Soap is one of such soaps. It falls in the category of very desirable soaps.

This shaving soap is a perfect combination of shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter. These ingredients are mixed in just the right ratios thus producing an appealing quality and scent. In addition, it is worth noting that this product has glycerin. The glycerin does nothing to improve the scent but it plays a big role in ensuring the product provides a smooth, moisturizing and lubricated shave. With all these ingredients, it is safe to say that the shaving soap is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. Additionally, it is one of the best hypo-allergenic shaving soaps available.

But this is not all this shaving soap has to offer – there is more.

The very first thing you will notice is about this shaving soap is just how fast it lathers. The best part is that it is also easy to work up a thick and rich lather with this product. With the Luxury Scented soap, your shaving brush will be ready in 60 seconds of swirling around the soap mixed with water in a shaving bowl. Also worth noting is that the lather produced by this soap lasts slightly longer on the face compared to several other ‘budget’ soaps. Speaking of budget soaps, you will be pleased to note that this soap retails for about $10 on Amazon (this might change from time to time). For the quality of soap you get, it truly is a bargain. Though the lather is not as thick compared to other high-end shaving soaps, it will get the job done and get you a smooth close shave.

The Van Der Hagen Scented Soap is designed to be vegan-friendly.

Now back to its scent. While the soap’s fragrance is not over the top powerful, compared to other products the Bay Rum scent infused in the soap is gentle and smells great.


  • Has excellent scent
  • It lathers fast
  • It is budget friendly


  • The shaving soap is slick.


For those searching for the best shaving soap, one that will not have you break the bank in the process, the Van Der Hagen Scented Soap is the best choice. This soap compares greatly to shaving soaps that may cost double its listed price.



The Blades Grim Shaving Soap

The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap

Click on the photo or the link above to check the Price on Amazon

On the face of this shaving’s soap package is a logo of the Grim Reaper. While this might be scary for some, you should not let it frighten you away. The shaving soap inside will not drain your soul away. On the contrary, it is designed to add some life and a great experience to your shaving session. Besides, if you take a closer look, the logo is actually creative. The Grim Reaper is holding a cool straight razor- scythe.

That said, you should not judge the book by its cover. There is more to this shaving soap than meets the eye. So what does this shaving soap have to offer?


The shaving soap, compared to other products has a soft texture. It is what will work for you if you are tired of the hard pucks you often get today.


Yes, you read it right, handmade. With technology evolving and spreading to just about every industry, it is harder to come across products that are really handmade. The Blades Grim Shaving Soap is one of the few that are. Most experienced shavers prefer the handmade soaps as they have a high quality and feel to them that the factory mass produced products just do not have.


While most shaving soaps are not strong scented, it is always nice to have a shaving soap that leaves a fresh scent after you are done with shaving. The scent of this soap is referred to as smolder. It actually is the most noticeable features.

There are hints of star anise and coriander which add some spice to the scent. Overall, the shaving soap scent foundation is found in the Tonka bean. This gives it a masculine feel as opposed to vanilla. The combination of these ingredients provides a wood smoke scent – this is refined and manly at the same time.


The list of these ingredients includes coconut oil. This is perfect for the skin. It cleanses and hydrates thus providing a smooth and close shave. The soap also contains glycerin (vegetable glycerin) coupled with stearic acid which provides adequate moisture. It also helps to make lathering the soap an easy.


This shaving soap is perfect for its thick and slick lather. It is easy to lather in a short time; another benefit of its soft texture.


  • It is handmade
  • It is great for men looking to have a soft and smooth shave and who prefer soaps
  • It has a distinct aroma


  • The consistency of its lather tends to not be exactly the same during different shaving sessions


For those who would love to have a soft soap, one that smells heavenly and that will provide you with a quality shaving experience, then this shaving soap will serve you greatly. Do not pay attention to the Reaper on the packaging, if anything he is there to be of help.




Soap Commander Shaving Soap

Soap Commander Shaving Soap

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This is an artisan soap that has garnered a large following in the wet shaving industry. This company was formed out of necessity. The daughter of the founding father suffered from eczema. When the company started it did not sell shaving soap rather, it was a company for handmade soaps formed from natural ingredients that are designed to soothe the itchiness on the daughter’s skin.

With time, however, they have since expanded into the manufacture of other products. It is important to note that this unit requires some presoaking to achieve a rich lather. Currently, 15 scents are available.


  • Has a wide range of scent options
  • It has a slick and rich lather
  • It is perfect for sensitive skin
  • It is packaged in a 6-ounce jar and thus lasts for a long time


  • Needs some time to soften
  • It takes a long time to load

Men who have sensitive skin will greatly benefit from the use of this soap as it has moisturizing properties complementing its slick lather. A sharp razor will easily glide over the skin without nicking or cutting it.


Shaving soaps like Soap Commander are the biggest reasons why artisan soaps are considered great. You, however, do need some time to pre-soak this soap if you are to get the best results.




How to Build a Great Lather

Now that you have gotten the business of choosing the best shaving soap out of the way, let us get our hands dirty with the actual shaving process.

First and foremost, you should build a rich and thick lather. This will help to ensure that the shave is close, clean and most importantly comfortable.

To help you work up a thick and rich lather with ease, there are two methods you can use. Here is a step by step process of each method. The first is using a shaving bowl. The second is building the lather directly on the face.

Using a Shaving Bowl

The first step is to fill your bowl with some hot water and then dip the brush in to soak for a minimum of two minutes. You could also soak the brush in running water.

After you have soaked the brush, the next step is to pour out the water and just leave a tiny amount in the bowl. Next step is to shake your brush to rid it of any excess moisture.

As you soak your shaving brush, you should also be working on softening the shaving soap. Dripping a few drops of warm/hot water on it will do the trick. When soft enough you should swirl the brush on the surface of your soap for about 15 seconds. Bear in mind that this is the most important step in the process of creating a thick and rich lather.

Last, swirl your brush in the mixing bowl for about 60 seconds. The lather will build from a light bubbly texture to a thick one. If you think the lather is too thick, you can simply add several water droplets to the mixture and continue swirling.

Creating the Lather on the Face

First, soak your brush in some hot water. Only retract the brush when the bristles are soft and moist.
As you soak the water, soften the shaving soap with a few hot water droplets.
Swirl the shaving brush on your shaving soap. For this process, ensure is that the shaving brush bristle tips are covered in soap.

Last, swirl the soap covered brush on the area you intend to shave. Use a short and circular motion. This will build the lather and will not take longer than 30 seconds to get a rich lather. If your lather proves to be too watery, re-swirl the brush on your shaving soap. On the other hand, if it is too thick, add a few droplets of water to the bristles and reapply on our cheeks.

Difference Between Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap

When differentiating between shaving cream and shaving soap, there are several things you need to remember.

First, shaving soap is a much older tradition than shaving cream. The shaving cream first debut was in the mid-20th century while shaving soaps have been in use for ages. Shaving soap is what your great grandfathers used to use.

Shaving soap is packaged as hard pucks while shaving cream is, well, just cream. Building lather with soap takes a bit more than shaving cream can produce exactly the result you are looking for.

Shaving Soap

There are plenty of shaving soap brands and types available in the market including semi-hard, triple milled and croaps. Triple milled is by far the most costly of the three. Most wet shavers prefer it as it gives a thick lather other soaps cannot provide

Creating lather with your shaving soap means adding some water to soften it and have an easier time. While this makes the process easier, it is important to note that with shaving soaps there is a bit of a learning curve involved.

Shaving Cream

Shaving creams have been in use since the mid-20th century having grown in popularity and now found in all supermarkets and pharmacy stores. They are designed to provide wet shavers with rich and thick lather fast and conveniently which is often directly applied to your cheeks. For this reason, shaving cream is best used by new wet shavers.

Shaving cream is designed in a variety of fragrances. However, if your skin is sensitive, you will need to get one that is fragrance-free.

Choosing the Best Soaps for Shaving

Truth be told, finding the best shaving soap is not an easy process. There are lots of high-quality shaving soaps in the market and narrowing down to just a few of them is tricky.

To come up with this list, we used the resources at our disposal to test as many shaving soaps as possible. Sure we did not sample every shaving soap available, but where our hands on experience lacked, research and supporting reviews by other experts in the field came in handy.

During the review process, we considered the price, ease of use, quality and the ingredients used. We did also consider the fragrance of the soap even though the scent makes for a small portion of the puzzle.

Hopefully, this review has shed some light and got you on the right path of choosing the best shaving soap available to meet your needs.

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